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Mini Excavator under 10 000 EUR - the cheapest models in 2022

If you are wondering which model of Mini Excavators you can get for less than 10 000 EUR, you are in a right place. Here you will find the average prices of these types of machines, up to a maximum of €10K. The Mini Excavator prices depend on many factors such as machine size, brand, year of production, variety of purpose, and additional equipment. See also the other sections, take advantage of expert knowledge and LECTURA's dedicated tools, compare the models, and find the best model of Mini Excavator for you.

Komatsu PC 09 1

Find the best Compact Excavator under 10 000 EUR

Based on over 2 MILLIONS of Mini Excavator models checks, we have chosen the most popular ones. Using our professional analytic tools, LECTURA Specs is able to present you a list of popular Mini Diggers with their costs up to 10 000 EUR. Enjoy the results, check the detailed specifications of interesting Compact Excavators and find the one that suits you best

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See the machines sorted by sizes, compare models, Check out other useful information before buying, and choose the best model of Mini Excavator