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Yanmar SV 18 CR excavator specs (2014 - 2021)

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The Yanmar SV 18 CR is a mini excavator manufactured from 2014 to 2021. It weighs 1.84 tons and has a transport length of 3.66 met... Read more

The Yanmar SV 18 CR is a mini excavator manufactured from 2014 to 2021. It weighs 1.84 tons and has a transport length of 3.66 meters, a transport width of 0.98 meters, and a transport height of 2.24 meters. It has a tear-out force of 15.2 kN and a dredging depth of 2.42 meters. The max reach horizontal is 2.74 meters and it has a track width of 230 HP. The special equipment for this machine is rubber tracks.


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  • Weight 1.84 t
  • Transport length 3.66 m
  • Transport width 0.98 m
  • Transport height 2.24 m
  • Track width 230 mm
  • Driver protection Kb
  • Max. Reach horizontal 2.74 m
  • Dredging depth 2.42 m
  • Tear-out force 15.2 kN
  • Model series SV
  • Engine manuf. Yanmar
  • Engine type 3TNV70VBV A2
  • Engine power 9.5 kW
  • Displacement 0.85 l
  • Max. torque 51.4 Nm

More technical details, like: bucket capacity, bucket capacity min., bucket capacity max., bucket width, standard tyres, dimension lxwxh, revolutions at max torque, no. of cylinders, cylinder bore x stroke, emission level are available in the full technical specs.

Basic model with standard bucket

Special equipment

  • Track adjustment
  • Rubber track
  • Blade
  • Aircondition
  • Quick hitch hydr.
  • Quick hitch mech.

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Yanmar SV 18 CR overview

  • Yanmar SV 18 CR features overview

    design and performance of components for heavy-duty jobsites and a long service life.
    The SV18 cab interior architecture has been studied to improve operator position and facilitate its work, particularly on the long and demanding construction sites.
    Based on our unique experience and know-how, Yanmar technology ensures excellent performance with environmental considerations. The optimal combination of the SV18 excavation strengths and its work cycles ensure exceptional productivity.
    The SV18 perfectly meets the reputation for quality and durability of Yanmar machines. Excellent accessibility to components and speed of maintenance and cleaning operations enable an excellent level of on-site availability.
  • Engine / Driveline and transmission

    Designed to combine high power and cleaner emissions, the YANMAR TNV engine meets European Commission (EC) emission standards with its sophisticated injection system.
    3TNV70-VBVA2 Yanmar Dieseling Meets EN Standards Indirect Injection • Water Separator • LUDV Hydraulic Circuit: fl ow sharing ■ 1 Auxiliary circuit with proportional control• 2nd speed ● Hydraulic oil indicator · 1 LED light integrated into the boom.
    Handrails Attaching lever Proven seat belt actuating hammer for evacuation - 3 mirrorsFlects Extendable undercarriageThese are 4 anchor points (2 on the undercarriage, 2 on the blade)The Blade Cylinder delivers hose in two partsExclusive protection of cylinders (arm, boom, blade)Hoses are protected by abrasion resistant and projection resistant sleeves.Cational treatment of steel parts... Lockable engine hood and drop door of fuel tank The Antidrop system for the fuel tank's trap door anti-drop system.
  • Hydraulics

    Ideally located, the second gear control knob (located on the blade lever) and the control levers offer exceptional movement precision. A proportional control auxiliary line allows for perfect mastery of accessories.
    The SV18 hydraulic circuit features proportional distribution of flow rates. Variable flow pump and load sensing closed center circuit guarantee precision, flexibility, performance and perfect simultaneity of movements. This system allows the operator to perform all movements with an excellent power, regardless of flow or load.
    Yanmar gives you the accessories that meet your needs and comply with safety standards applicable in your country: mechanical quick hitch, hydraulic quick hitch, digging bucket, swing shovel, backhoe bucket, hydraulic hammer...
  • Tyres / Tracks

    + Structure of the chassis and durable steel covers provide foolproof resistance.
    + Large counterweight protects against possible shocks and friction against the walls. + Hose guard with abrasion resistant sleeves. Routing on top of the boom and to the right side of the machine to avoid risk of twisting and limiting machine downtime. + Formstringers prevent accumulation of ground, reducing internal track wear.

    The rear and side covers, panel under the seat and removable floor provide direct access to service points reducing maintenance time and costs. The blade cylinder flexible is made from two parts for quick replacement in case of perforation.
    LCD interface Heatable Adjustable and leching seat with fabric covers and headrests Customizable wrist support pointFitting screen in 2 parts (retractable upper part)Version double sliding right side windowWidth upper front sectionDisc washersWashing machineAutomatic ceiling light-up lights
    Special paint finish • Quick couplers• Bio oil• 2 LED head lights on the front of machine• 1 LED rear light + fl ashing LED light.
  • Dimensions and weight

    Operating weight (canopy / cabin)1835 / 1975 kg
    Digging force (arm)74 kN"
    Digging force (bucket)152 kN"
    AOverall length3660 mmH Overall blade width980 – 1320 ** mm
    A’Overall length with blade at the back3775 mmI Overall blade height230 mm
    BOverall height2215 – 2280 * mmJ Blade distance1095 mm
    COverall width980 – 1320 ** mmK Max. lifting height above the ground240 mm
    DLength of track on ground1180 mmL Max. lowering depth from the ground300 mm
    EUndercarriage length1560 mmM Minimum ground clearance160 mm
    FLane750 – 1090 ** mmN Ground clearance under counterweight410 mm
    GTrack width230 mm
    Operating weight (rubber tracks)1835 kg03 kg/cm2"1975 kg033 kg/cm2"
    Transport weight (rubber tracks)1760 kg029 kg/cm2"1900 kg032 kg/cm2"
  • Other features

    Easy maintenance structure for quick and easy access to all components. Facilitates daily checks.
    Large comfortable cabin Excellent air circulation
    The SV18 cabin interior is very spacious for maximum freedom of movement. The large legroom allows the operator to work comfortably over long hours. The also very large entrance provides easy cab access and exit. The standard SV18 seat has a comfortable suspension with multiple adjustment options, and is equipped with a headrest to reduce operator stress and fatigue. The SV18 features a heater that can operate in pleasant temperature under extreme weather conditions.
    The SV18 is equipped with a digital interface, which informs the operator in real time about the status of his machine. Perfectly integrated into the right-hand console, the 3.3 screen provides excellent visibility. The interface delivers useful information to the customer through LED lamps or references to important elements such as fuel consumption, fuel gauge, coolant temperature indicator etc. The interface assists the customer during maintenance intervals and for programming such interventions. It also functions as a diagnostic tool in case of malfunction by sending an error code and info symbol to the display.
    The SV18 is equipped with 3 rear and side view mirrors. The operator can control the working area as well as the area around the machine without moving from his seat. To be able to work efficiently and accurately in darkness, the SV18 features a standard LED light positioned in the lower part of the boom where it is protected from shocks. LED technology provides powerful light while reducing energy consumption and increasing battery life. Optionally, one beacon and 3 additional LED lamps can also be added on the cab.
  • Safety

    The use of a ROPS structure for the cab guarantees operator safety in an overstroke. The canopy and cabin also comply with FOPS1 standards (concerning structures protecting against falling objects) and TOPS (tip on protective structure).
    Because you are more effective in a safe environment, operator and employee safety around the machine is one of our priorities.
    Safety valves for lifting anti-theft (button/keypad)
  • Tables

    AMax.35 m"3 m25 m"2 m15 m"Max35 m"3 m25 m"2 m15 m"
    B1- 10pulg-800polly=- 000polly-10|polly-100|plg-800polly-000polly-000polly |-010|play| 110/plg)=100polly= 100polly
    25 m"*280*275--*265*265------*275*270--*265*260------
    2 m*285*285--*265*265*255*245----*285*275--*265*260*255*220----
    15 m"*290*290--*290*290*310*305*360*335--*290*280--*295*280*310*295*360*310--
    1 m*295*295--*325*320*375*365*500*475--*295*295--*325*305*375*350*500*455--
    05 m"*300*305--*350*350*440*430*610*600--*300*295--*350*330*440*410*600*560--C
    0 m*325*325--*370*370*475*465*650*645*855*800*310*310--*365*365*470385*610*600*840*725
    -05 m"*325*325--*375*375*470*490*680*680*920*930*325*315--*350*350*400355*600470*780*685
    -1 m*335*330----*450*450*585*585*825*850*340*330----*440*425*590480*830*915
    -15 m"*335*340------*475*495*665*640*335*345------*495*495*720*775
    Blade on groundBlade above ground
    AMax.35 m"3 m25 m"2 m15 m"Max35 m"3 m25 m"2 m15"m
    B- 10polly= 100polly000polly000polly000polly|000polly-000polly-010|polly|-010 |polly |=-110|polly |=- 10| polly |=- 100)
    3 m*275*280----------*275*270----------
    25 m"*275*275--*265*265------*275*270--*265*260------C
    2 m*285*285--*265*265*255*245----*285*275--*265*260*255*220----
    15 m"*290*290--*290*290*310*305*360*335--*290*280--*295*280*310*295*360*310--
    1 m*295*295--*325*320*375*365*500*475--*295235--*325*305*375*350*500*455--
    05 m"*300*305--*350*350*440*430*610*600--*300235--*350*330*440*410*600*560--
    0 m270*325--*370*370*475*465560*645*855*800265235--*365275*470350550475*840*725
    -05 m"*325*325--325*375405*490550*680*920*930*325255--315280400355540485780685
    -1 m*335*330----*450*450*625*545*825*850*340280----*440350525460*830*915
    -15 m"*335*340------*475*495*665*650*335*345------*495*495*720*775
    Net Power95 kW / 129 HP / 2100 rpm"
    Gross Power99 kW / 135 HP / 2100 rpm"
    Displacement854 cm3
    Maximum torque514 N.m. / 1500 rpm"
    Starter14 kW"
    Battery12 V - 45 Ah
    Alternator12 V - 40 A
    Maximum pressure200 bars
    1 piston pump with variable flow483 l/min"
    Fuel tank245 l"
    Cooling system32 l"
    Engine oil28 l"
    Hydraulic system285 l"
    Hydraulic tank20 l
    Travel speed22 / 41 km/h"
    Rotation speed10 rpm
    Digging force (arm)74 kN"
    Digging force (bucket)152 kN"
    Traction force17 kN
    Grade ability30°
    Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE)91 dB(A) / 79 dB(A)

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