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Tracked and Crawler Loaders - Specifications & Technical Data

A tracked loader or crawler loader is a vehicle used in construction and mining applications, consisting of a tracked chassis with a loader. Tracked loaders are used to transport materials and equipment across rough terrain as well as moving/loading material, truck loading, digging, excavation, land clearing, pushing, leveling or grading, slope work, and more. The tracks provide good traction, especially on soft, muddy ground or sand where a wheeled vehicle would become bogged down, and are sturdy enough to operate on rough terrain that might damage rubber tires. Track loaders operate in a skidding fashion and are typically slightly smaller in size than compact wheel loaders, fitting in tighter locations. This allows excellent maneuverability, including the possibility of turning at its own length. Crawler loaders offer two lifting configurations: vertical and radial. Vertical lift machines are more powerful, while radial lift machines have fewer internal parts.


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