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2 wheel-drive (2WD) Tractors Specifications & Technical data - Small & Compact Tractors Specs

2WD (2 wheel-drive) tractors are agricultural machines that are powered by a single axle. They are designed to lift and operate various implements and attachments like cultivators, rotavators, and seeders. The main advantage of 2WD tractors is their small turning radius making them easy to maneuver in smaller areas, simple design, and affordability. They excel in operating on flat, dry ground, and are particularly useful in cramped conditions or when maneuvering around obstacles such as trees. They are generally used on farms where the tractor’s pulling power does not matter as much as the machine’s operational ability. 2WD tractors maximize traction by placing most of their weight on the rear axle. However, they may not perform as effectively in wet and muddy conditions. 2 wheel-drive tractors are well-suited for primary farm functions such as sowing seeds, spraying fertilizers and pesticides, and topping pastures.


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