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    World’s Top 10 biggest bulldozers (update 2022)

    By Patrik Eder and Florentina Chiriță · May 25, 2021

    Building huge structures or working in big mines and quarries sets very high demands on the size, performance and reliability of machines that are used to do the hard work. And there is only one type of equipment that can completely meet them: bulldozers. The world's largest bulldozers, to be exact. These giant machines that lead the way on the jobsite are the only ones technically equipped to deal with the harshest working conditions and with a lot of difficult operations: pushing large quantities of soil, sand, rocks or debris, digging, excavating and levelling materials. And when it comes to crawler dozers, bigger is, indeed, better. Big crawler dozers are far more efficient than any other machine. They push more material per hour and have all that it takes to move or demolish basically anything that stands in their way: huge dimensions, super powerful engines and blades that can be tilted, lifted, angled and pushed forward or backward in order to complete a variety of difficult tasks. But what makes these machines even more special is the amazing trio blade-ripper-tracks that works its magic when put to work: while the blade moves material from one place to another, the ripper breaks the ground, making it easier to work with, and the tracks generate excellent ground hold and weight distribution, preventing the bulldozer from becoming stuck or to slip on difficult terrain. We did some...digging, as well, and found out who holds the title for the largest and most powerful dozer ever built. Check out our Top 10 biggest bulldozers in the world, according to operating weight and engine power/dimensions.

    1. ACCO Super Bulldozer - 183 t (201 US t)

    2. Komatsu D575A-3 SD (SUPER DOZER) - 152.6 t (168 US t)

    3. Caterpillar D11T CD - 112.72 t (124.2 US t)

    4. Komatsu D475A-8 - 112.62 t (123.5 US t)

    5. Shantui SD90-C5 - 106.26 t (117.1 US t)

    6. Fiat Allis HD-41 (FD50) - 80 t (88 US t)

    7. Liebherr PR 776 Litronic - 73.18 (80.7 US t)

    8. Shantui SD60-C5 - 70.63 t (77.9 US t)

    9. CHETRA T40 - 70.28 t (77.5 US t)

    10. Caterpillar D10T2 - 70.12 t (77.3 US t)

    World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers (update 2022) - LECTURA report
    John Deere 1050K - World’s Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    John Deere 1050 K might not yet hold a place in our Top 10 biggest bulldozers in the world ranking, but is both steady and rock solid enough to handle the harshness of the roughest and rockiest jobsites. With the help of its suspended double-bogie undercarriage that can absorb vibrations caused by rough operating conditions, the largest John Deer dozer, rides its 43.2 t of weight smoother, is more durable and gets more work done than the previous models. One of the biggest achievements of John Deere engineers on this large dozer is the reduction of peak vibrations in the cab by up to 75 percent, which helps operators carry on in comfort while moving faster and boosting production. But that is not all. The 1050K’s dual-path hydrostatic transmission allows this big crawler dozer of 350 HP to push a full load through turns without losing material. Another great feature of this large dozer is the redesigned mechanical-angle blade, with a capacity of 9.5 m³, inspired by pipeliners, that was built by John Deere to withstand the most demanding applications on pipeline rights-of-way.
    Operating Weight 43.2 t
    Engine Power 261 kW (350 HP)
    Blade Capacity 9.5 m³
    Blade Size (width x height) 3.9 m x 1.6 m
    Length 6.6 m
    Height 3.4 m
    Width 3.9 m
    Dressta TD-40 - World’s Top 10 biggest bulldozers

    Although the TD-40 did not make it into our ranking, it deserves a special mention. With an operating weight of 67.7 t of pure performance and a net power of 515 HP, the TD-40 is the o the heaviest and the most powerful crawler dozer ever built by Dressta. This large crawler dozer features a superior drawbar pull and an immense ripping performance that make it withstand the most challenging, abrasive tasks, so extreme duty construction, coal and mining jobsites is where this great machine feels at home. But what makes this giant bulldozer so durable? Well, a lot of things: the optimisation of weight distribution, the modular construction, the use of a one-piece main frame, the two-speed Steering Drive and the 3-point track mounting system. Optimal performance of Dressta TD-40 is also achieved by the standard Semi-U blade design that combines the penetration ability of a straight blade with the increased capacity provided by short wings, the adjustable parallelogram multi-shank ripper that offers excellent penetration in extremely tough material, and the high quality durable tracks for tough working conditions.

    Operating Weight 67.7 t
    Engine Power 384 kW (515 HP)
    Blade Capacity 18.6 - 39.8 m3
    Blade Size (width) 4.8 m
    Length 5.75 m
    Height 4.2 m
    Width 3.1 m
    Caterpillar D10T2 - World’s Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    If our Top 10 would have been made in 1970, Caterpillar D10T2, our 10th biggest bulldozer in the world, would have been at the top of the list. This beautiful piece of machine that brings strength from the past and power for the future holds a lot of nostalgia behind it. It was born from Caterpillar's engineers ambition to come up with a bigger and more powerful dozer than the ones that its competitors were building at that time, and also than the previous model, Caterpillar D9. And their efforts paid off: When it was introduced by Allis Chalmers, at Conexpo, in Chicago, in 1969, as the HD-41 (391 kW / 524 HP), the now D10T2 was the largest crawler dozer in the world and the first tractor to use the elevated drive sprocket. From the moment it was first launched and until now, Caterpillar D10T2 has undergone many technical transformations, but did not disappoint once: it turned out to be exactly the highly productive and versatile machine, engineered for demanding work, both flexible (to be used on heavy construction sites) and robust (to be used on mine sites), that everyone expected it to be. This machine of 70.17 tons is well suited for tough working conditions. The durable construction, the 766 HP engine and the 18.5 m3 capacity blade keep the material moving with the reliability that is so specific to Cat dozers.
    Operating Weight 70.17 t
    Engine Power 632 kW (766 HP)
    Blade Capacity 18.5 m³
    Blade Size (width x height) 4.94 m x 2.12 m
    Length 5.6 m
    Height 4.4 m
    Width 3.7 m
    Chetra T40 - World’s Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    Number 9 in our Top 10 biggest bulldozers in the world, CHETRA T40, is the most powerful serial Russian bulldozer made for the gold and coal mining industry by the Concern Tractor Plants manufacturer, a specialist in heavy duty machinery. This strong machine stands out from the entire range of crawler-type dozers not only by its heavy weight of 70.28 tons, but also by the bogie-type undercarriage, specially developed to ensure the best traction when dealing with very rough working environments. In combination with the powerful engine rated at 660 HP and the supersize blade with a capacity of 21 m3 that gets the work done on the jobsite, CHETRA T40's technical features provide the utmost efficiency, keeping, at the same time,  the operator safe and comfortable while operating this large dozer. Like all the other CHETRA bulldozers, the T40 is a fusion between the traditional Russian reliability in frame & undercarriage materials and the high efficiency of hydraulic components from American and European suppliers. And, since the hydromechanical or hydrostatic transmission of bulldozers no longer require physical strength from the operator, today, CHETRA T40 can be easily controlled by fingertips, which makes this super bulldozer even more  appreciated by operators.
    Operating Weight 70.28 t
    Engine Power 485 kW (660 HP)
    Blade Capacity 21 m³
    Blade Size (width x height) 4.73 m x 2.65 m
    Length 6.05 m
    Height 4.32 m
    Width 3.3 m
    Shantui SD60-C5 - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    Number 8 in our ranking belongs to the SD60-C5 - the second largest crawler dozer from Chinese manufacturer Shantui. The yellow giant weighs more than 70 tonnes and is equipped with Cummins QSK19 electronic control engine that delivers performance of 450 kW/1800 rpm that meets Euro-IIIA/China-III emission standards. The Shantui mining bulldozer is 10.4 metres long and almost 4.7 metres wide. The standard equipment includes a semi-U blade with capacity of 18.9m³ made of anti-wear materials. Moreover, the SD60-C5 can be equipped with huge single-shank ripper with enhanced penetrating force.
    Operating Weight 70.63 t
    Engine Power 450 kW (600 HP)
    Blade Capacity 18.9 m³
    Engine Type Cummins QSK19
    Length 10.39 m
    Height 4.37 m
    Width 4.69 m
    Liebherr PR 776 Litronic -  World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    Power and innovative technology are the hallmarks of Liebherr crawler tractors, and PR 776 Litronic makes no exception. Actually, its superb performance in bulldozing and ripping operations is what made it recognized as one of the most powerful bulldozers in the world, and number 7 in our Top 10. Whether it is used in heavy-duty ripping work, transporting materials or grading, the PR 776 is an extremely powerful dozer suitable for any application. The operating weight of 73.18 tons, the powerful engine, the high blade penetration forces and the outstanding grading attributes make this large dozer deliver optimum productivity, especially during heavy-duty operations. The diesel engine (598kW / 768 HP) of Liebherr PR 776 Litronic is designed for tough mining and extraction operations and provides enough energy to contend with any situation. The blade of this giant bulldozer is mounted very close to the main frame. This achieves maximum penetration forces and assures rapid filling of up to 18.50 m³ of material. Moreover, its application-optimized shape provides the best material rolling properties on self-bonding materials as well as high fill levels when pushing heavy masses of rock.
    Operating Weight 73.18 t
    Engine Power 598 kW (768 HP)
    Blade Capacity 18.5 m³
    Blade Size (lenght x height) 7.9 m x 2.1 m
    Length 5.77 m
    Height 4.35 m
    Width 3.72 m
    Fiat Allis HD-41 - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    Image Source: Auto Cart
    The first version of the now Caterpillar D10T2 model, our 6th biggest bulldozer in the world, made a huge impression on the market at the Chicago Road Show in 1969, when it was released, being described as the largest dozer ever built at that time. Its amazing ripping capabilities were exactly what contractors from large earthmoving, surface mining and quarry applications were waiting for. Weighing 80 tons and being powered by a 524 HP Cummins VT-1710-C four cycle turbocharged engine, Fiat-Allis, that was put in production in 1970, offered a semi-U, full U and cushioned push hydraulically controlled blades. The dozer featured a torque converter and a power-shift transmission with three speeds in forward and three in reverse. Attachments included bulldozer blades up to 20 feet wide in semi-U and full-U options and a cushioned push block for push-loading scrapers. Between 1970-1974, 1,900 units of Fiat-Allis HD-41 were built. After the joint venture with Fiat SpA, the machine improved into Fiat-Allis 41B which was launched in 1982, and later into FD50, equipped with a Cummins VT28-C engine. Unfortunately, due to market reasons, Fiat-Allis stopped production in 1989, but Fiat-Allis HD-41 continued to fascinate the public, as the world's largest bulldozer, for a very long time.
    Operating Weight up to 80 t
    Engine Power 390 kW (524 HP)
    Blade Capacity 8.3 m³
    Blade Size (width x height) 5.1 m x 1.8 m
    Length 6.1 m
    Height 3.1 m
    Width 3.3 m
    Shantui SD90-C5 - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    Operating Weight 106.26 t
    Engine Power 708 kW (962 HP)
    Blade Capacity 39 m³
    Blade Size (width) 6.46 m
    Length 11.5 m
    Height 4.59 m
    Width 5.26 m
    Bulldozer SD90-C5 is the biggest mining dozer from the Chinese manufacturer Shantui and occupies the 5th place in our ranking. The flagship model weighs over 106 tonnes and delivers a performace of 708 kW (962 HP) when equipped with Cummins QST30 electronic control engine. The operator's cabin was designed with focus on ergonomy, visibility and noise reduction (80 dB). The SD90-C5 can be equipped with either semi-U blade or U-blade attachment. The first tool achieves a digging depth 1,010 mm and the single-shank unit (ripper type) offers even 1,670 mm of digging depth. The bulldozer is huge and its sizes are 11.5 x 5.26 x 4.59 metres (l x w x h).
    Komatsu D475A-8 - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers

    This is the exact description given by Komatsu to this beautiful piece of big crawler dozer, one of the most famous in the world. Number 4 on our Top 10, the D475A-8 is the second biggest dozer model from the Japanese producer included in our ranking, which makes Komatsu one of the most important manufacturers of big bulldozers globally. The D475A-8 was launched in 2020 as the successor of the dash 5 model. With an operating weight of over 112 tons and an engine power of 777kW/1040 HP, that delivers excellent productivity, Komatsu D475A-8 might not be as strong as its bigger brother Komatsu D575A-3, but for sure is powerful enough to be recognized as one of the world's largest production bulldozer on the market. The total length of 11.3 m and the 34.4 m³ blade capacity also helps this large Komatsu dozer to offer great technical performance in mining, heavy-duty and large-scale civil works. And superior tranquillity, thanks to its hydraulically driven radiator-cooling fan installed to assure optimum rpm, while drastically reducing noise. On top of that, the automatic torque converter lock-up system and the electronically controlled transmission designed to offer greater efficiency during long pushes make the Komatsu D475A-8 a superior crawler dozer in both ripping and dozing production. The first unit is currently in service at a large oil share quarry near Narva, Estonia.

    Operating Weight 112.62 t
    Engine Power 777 kW (1040 HP)
    Blade Capacity 34.4 m³
    Blade Size (length x height) 6.21 m x 2.61 m
    Length 11.3 m
    Height 4.8 m
    Width 5.43 m
    Caterpillar D11T CD - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers

    Number three on our ranking is not just one of the biggest bulldozers in the world, but also the largest Caterpillar dozer ever built. What makes CAT 11 TCD so great is the durability built in factor that helped this machine pass both the test of the most demanding applications and the test of time. According to the American manufacturer, the CAT 11 TCD large crawler dozer moves more for less, and has all that it takes to do that: an operating weight of 112.72 tons, a powerful engine of 695kW/913 HP and a strong blade made by high tensile strength steel, featured with a box-section that resists twisting and cracking, that can handle up to 43.6 m³ of material.  And speaking of strength: One of the greatest features of the biggest Cat dozer is the mainframe, purpose built to absorb high impact shock loads and twisting forces during severe dozing and ripping applications. So, to see this machine rebuilt several times using the same frame, with only minor welding, it is not unusual. Another technical feature that makes CAT 11 TCD a super dozer is the torque divider between the engine and the transmission that reduces the possibility of damage to the power train by dampening impact loads and vibrations.

    Operating Weight 112.72 t
    Engine Power 695 kW (913 HP)
    Blade Capacity 43.6 m³
    Blade Size (length x height) 6.7 m x 2.95 m
    Length 10.71 m
    Height 4.72 m
    Width 3.81 m
    Komatsu D575A-3 SD - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers

    The second biggest dozer in the world is called SUPER DOZER for a very good reason: it has an operating weight of 152.6 t and, on top of that, it is powered by an engine that delivers no less than 858 kW/1150 HP at 1.800 rpm. So powerful that Komatsu engineers decided to mount it to the main frame with rubber cushions, in order to minimize the noise and the vibration. The impressive size of this giant bulldozer can be, sometimes, quite challenging: in order to be transported on significant distances, the machine needs to be disassembled and moved in up to 8 tractor trailer loads! A Super Dozer like Komatsu D575A-3 comes, of course, equipped with a Super blade with a capacity of no less than 69 m3 (extra holding volume) and an innovative design that makes it 15% more productive in level dozing. This means that the world’s second most powerful bulldozer can push a larger volume of material against the same soil resistance and it has an optimum balance for dozing. The fuel-efficient Komatsu engine, together with the heavy machine weight, makes Komatsu D575A-3 Super Dozer a superior machine in dozing production, and the main reason why it is mostly used in the most challenging mining and construction sites around the world. The largest dozer and the most productive ever made by Komatsu, was first introduced in a prototype form at Conexpo 1981, and was released as a production Dash 2 model in 1991. It was officially launched in 2002.

    Operating Weight 152.6 t
    Engine Power 858 kW (1150 HP)
    Blade Capacity 69 m³
    Blade Size (length x height) 7.4 m x 3.25 m
    Length 11.72 m
    Height 4.88 m
    Width 7.4 m
    ACCO Super Bulldozer - World's Top 10 biggest bulldozers
    The biggest bulldozer in the world, according to our Top 10, has a story to match its impressive dimensions of 183 tons weight and 12 m length. Strange but true, this beast that the whole world admires even now, 40 years after it was built, has never moved a m³ of material in its life. ACCO Super Bulldozer was constructed in Portogruaro in northern Italy, by the Umberto Acco company, in order to be exported to Libya in the early 1980s. Due to the trade embargo restrictions imposed by the United States of America in 1986, on that country (caused by the involvement of Colonel Gaddafi, the leader of Libya at that time, in international terrorism), ACCO Super Dozer was never shipped to its destination and was put into storage. This biggest dozer ever built is mainly made of Caterpillar parts. The blade, for example, is bigger than anything Caterpillar has ever made: it is 7 m wide and 2.7 m high. The ripper alone of the world's largest dozer is about 3 m tall, being operated by huge hydraulic rams. Putting such a large machine to work required a lot of mechanical energy, and it is no surprise that the strongest and the biggest dozer in the world is powered by two 675 HP (503 kW) Caterpillar engines placed horizontally opposed, that deliver a total combined output of 1350 HP (1010 kW)! Amazing, right?
    Operating Weight 183 t
    Engine Power 1010 kW (1350 HP) (505/675 x 2 engines)
    Blade Capacity 25.5 m³
    Blade Size (length x height) 7 m x 2.7 m
    Length 12 m
    Height 6.5 m
    Width 7 m

    World’s biggest bulldozers FAQ

    What is the largest dozer in the world?

    ACCO Super Bulldozer is the largest dozer in the world, and has all that it takes to prove it: an operating weight of 183 tonnes, two engines (!) of 503 kW/675 HP each and a length of 12 m.

    What is the biggest dozer ever made?

    ACCO Super Bulldozer is the biggest dozer ever made so far. No other dozer built after this machine is as impressive as this one, in terms of size and performance.

    What's the biggest CAT dozer made?

    Caterpillar D11T CD is the biggest dozer ever made by Caterpillar to this day. It weighs 112.72 t, it is equipped with a 695 kW / 913 HP powerful engine and a blade with a capacity of 27.2 m³.

    What is the most powerful bulldozer?

    ACCO Super Bulldozer is the most powerful bulldozer in the world. And the only one equipped with two engines of 503 kW /675 HP each that gives it a total (super) power of 1010 kW / 1350 HP to keep things moving on the jobsite.

    What does a D11 CAT cost?

    The price for D11 TCD dozer from Caterpillar varies a lot (depending on the attachments and other optional equipment), but one thing is for sure: it is not small. While the older models can cost $85,000, more recent models can end up costing around $2.2 million.

    How much horsepower does a D11 have?

    Caterpillar D11T CD crawler dozer's engine produces 913 HP, and that is why this machine is able to perform so well on the jobsite and move more material in a shorter period of time.

    How much fuel does a D11 use?

    Caterpillar D11 T CD's fuel tank has a total volume of 1,882 litters, so you need a lot of gas to set this beast in motion. And a lot of money to pay for it.

    How much does a Komatsu 575 weigh?

    A SUPER DOZER like Komatsu D575A-3 SD crawler dozer weighs no less than 152.6 tons, which makes it very powerful and very productive. And appreciated by operators around the world.

    How much can a D11 push?

    Caterpillar D11T CD is able to push 27.2 m³ of soil, sand, rocks, debris or any other type of material that needs to be removed on the jobsite.

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