World’s Top 10 biggest tractors

By Patrik Eder and Florentina Chiriță · January 13, 2022

Tractors are well-known heavy machines designed to deliver high tractive force at low speeds. Thanks to this ability, tractors are suitable for a wide range of agricultural or even construction works such as tillage, ploughing, harrowing, forestry applications or landscaping. The biggest tractors are equipped with powerful engines rated at hundreds of horsepower in order to provide enough force to haul large trailers and other heavy agricultural equipment/attachments. These machines are used on vast farming areas that measure hundreds up to thousands of square kilometres. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 biggest tractors rating based mainly on rated engine horsepower but also other factors such as dimensions and weight were taken into account. Please keep in mind that the majority of tractors that appear in the ranking are custom-made. Nevertheless, some of the machines such as Versatile, Fendt or MeriCrusher are commercially available.

1. Big Bud 16V-747 – 1100 hp (820 kW)

2. Big Bud 950/50 – 950 hp (710 kW)

3. Rite 750 Earthquake – 850 hp (625 kW)

4. ACO 600 Oubaas – 820 hp (612 kW)

5. MeriCrusher MT-700 – 768 hp (565 kW)

6. Big Bud 740 – 740 hp (544 kW)

7. Rite 707 – 700 hp (520 kW)

8. Fendt 1167 Vario MT – 673 hp (495 kW)

9. Big Bud 650/50 – 650 hp (488 kW)

10. Versatile 620DT – 620 hp (462 kW)

World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022 - LECTURA report
Versatile 620DT - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: Versatile
The 10th biggest tractor in the world is Versatile 620DT (it must be said there are other tractors rated at 620 hp such as Case IH Steiger 620, John Deere 9620R(X) or New Holland T9.700, but Versatile 620DT is the heaviest one). The Canadian manufacturer Versatile introduced the DeltraTrack series in 2013. The name is derived from the Greek word “Delta”, which means four. Moreover, the Delta is represented by a triangle which is considered the strongest geometric shape. The DeltaTrack tractors are equipped with a four track system from Versatile that is designed to improve balance and maximize contact with the ground. The 620DT is also considered the best deep ripping tractor on the market. The Canadian beast is powered by the 15-litre Cummins QSX15 engine rated at 620 hp. Versatile 620DT is not only one of the biggest tractors in the world but also one of the heaviest machines - weighing about 27 tonnes. Obviously, such large tractors as the 620DT are designed to work at vast farming areas, therefore, few 620 DT units can be seen around huge farms in Canada, US or Australia. If you would like to buy this model, be ready to pay about $500,000.
Rated Engine Power 620 hp (462 kW)
Engine Type Cummins QSX15
Tracks 30" Camso 6500 Tracks
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7874 mm x W x 3810 mm
Base Weight 27 t
Big Bud 650/50 - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: therandywalker - YouTube (screenshot)

The 9th biggest tractor in the world is Big Bud 650/50. Big Bud Tractors was an American company based in Montana. The company, founded in 1968 as Northern Manufacturing Co., produced articulated tractors until 1992. The first 650/50 unit was constructed in 1981 and the company manufactured only 6 units in total. Supposedly, only 2 units are still operating in the US while the other 4 units have been exported to Australia years ago. The Big Bud 650/50 is powered by a 12-cylinder Detroit Diesel 12V-92 engine rated at 650 hp and weighs approximately 27.2 tonnes. The video below shows the 650/50 plowing with the 21-bottom DMI plow – the biggest moldboard plow ever made, built in 1978.

Rated Engine Power 650 hp (484 kW)
Engine Type Detroit Diesel 12V-92
Tires 35.5-32
Wheelbase 406 cm
Base Weight 27.2 t
Fendt 1167 Vario MT - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: Fendt
Number 8 on our rank, the high-end model Fendt 1167 Vario MT, was created by Fendt, a company with a successful tractor history of 80 years on the market, and is part of the 1000-series that was launched at Agritechnica 2015, exactly 20 years after the first Fendt Vario tractor was introduced. With an unparalleled MAN 6-cylinder in-line engine with an enormous cubic capacity of 16.2 litres that provides an unbeatable 673 hp to the auxiliary consumers under extremely high-power requirements, there is no wonder that this tractor is called a power sensation. But Fendt 1167 Vario MT is not famous only for its incredible power, but also for the Fendt VarioDrive drivetrain that has won a lot of prizes, and 3,000 mm wheelbase that provides more traction, less soil pressure, and an optimal weight distribution across the entire contact area even in the case of a heavy load.
Rated Engine Power 673 hp (495 kW)
Engine Type MAN D4276
Tracks 27.5" Standard AG Tracks
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7874 mm x 3241 mm x 3810 mm
Base Weight 18.8 t
Rite 707 - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: glen_lloyd - The Combine Forum
Seems like 7 is the lucky number for Rite 707, as it holds number…7 in our Top 10. This great American tractor was built in Great Falls, Montana, by Dave and John Curtis, who owned Rite by Curtis brand, by a fortunate series of events. The two brothers started selling Wagner tractors in 1954 that were originally designed for industrial applications. The idea of creating a farm tractor came one day, when one of their customers asked them to build a 425 hp (317 kW) tractor. Based on their experience with the Wagner's technical problems, they managed to design a new transmission layout to cope with field work and also contracted a local engineering company to help them with the manufacturing process. This is how they started to build tractors for agriculture. At the time of the launch, their Rite tractor was described as the first to offer an Allison automatic, infinitely variable speed, mechanical transmission. The model features a very powerful 700 hp (520 kW) Detroit Diesel engine.
Rated Engine Power 700 hp (520 kW)
Engine Type Detroit Diesel
Drive 4WD
Cooling System Water
Big Bud 740 - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: Brad Johnson - Pinterest
Another successful model from the Big Bud family, the 740 farm tractor, that holds the 6th position in our Top 10, was produced from 1987 until 1990, with a standard cabin. This Big Bud 740 is indeed…big: has a tank capacity of 2,650 liters, 23.2 L6 cylinders, weighs no less than 34.02 tons and, most importantly is powered by a really huge and powerful diesel engine that can produce up to 740 hp which turn it into a beast on the fields. The 4-wheel-drive with dynamic power distribution between the axles, the transmission without synchronization, and the large number of forward gears make it a very heavy tractor suitable in difficult terrains, that has been very appreciated by farmers around the world.
Rated Engine Power 740 hp (544 kW)
Engine Type Komatsu 23.2L 6-cyl diesel
Tires 150 cm in diameter (5′)
Tank Capacity 2,650 l
Base Weight 34.02 t
MeriCrusher MT-700 - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: MeriCrusher
Number 5 on our rank, the MT-700 model is a very special piece of tractor and not because of its aerodynamic design, but rather for its ability to operate under conditions where conventional tractors lose power and traction. And it has the right equipment to do so: a high engine with power of 768 hp (565 kW) and the extreme duty mechanical power take-off that allow it to work faster on the field with lower fuel consumption per hectare, which makes him one of the most efficient crawler tractors on the market. But operational efficiency is not the only trait of this great tractor. MeriCrusher MT-700 is also versatile and adaptable. Its hydrostatic drive makes it possible to adjust driving speed steplessly from 0-18 km/h and the double acting, independently controlled lift arms allow for crusher levelling during work.
Rated Engine Power 768 hp (565 kW)
Engine Type VOLVO TAD 1643 VE
Tracks Twin Rubber Tracks
Dimensions (L x W x H) 5870mm x 4550mm x 3770mm
Base Weight 22.5 t
ACO 600 Oubaas - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
 The unique ACO 600 Oubaas model was built in 1994 by Alph and Koos Coetzer in South Africa and sold to one of the biggest farms there. Although today holds the 4th place in our Top 10, at the time of the launch and a lot of time after that, this legendary model was considered the most powerful tractor ever built in (small) serial production. And for a good reason: the V12 ADE biturbo Mercedes engine delivered 612 kW / 820 hp to a Twin Disc powershift transmission, which made it perform in big style on the challenging fields in Africa. The legendary ACO series of tractors have been servicing farms across South Africa for more than 30 years. However, with the closing of the ACO factory, the tractors have been, unfortunately, unsupported.
Rated Engine Power 820 hp (612 kW)
Engine Type ADE 444TI V12
Base Weight 25 t
 Rite 750 Earthquake - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: Marcus Pasveer - Traktor

Number 3 on our podium, the American Rite 750 Earthquake tractor is another successful model built by Dave and John Curtis that owned Rite Tractors. This specific model, which can be seen today at farm shows in the United States, is one of the biggest agricultural tractors from the total of 38 that D.L. Curtis Co. has built since 1973. The number 750 inside of the name comes from the number of horsepower that this model initially had. The tractor later received a booster, a re-worked 850 hp (630 kW) Detroit Diesel engine and was nicknamed Earthquake to express how performant it was. By 2009, all 38 Rite tractors had been built with a variety of engines from Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel to suit customers preferences, and in 2013 they could still be ordered by clients from all over the world.

Rated Engine Power 850 hp (625 kW)
Engine Type 12V92 Detroit Diesel
Tires 35.5L32
Dimensions (L x W x H) 9144 mm x 5486 mm x 4267 mm
Base Weight 31.52 t
Big Bud 950/50 - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
 Image Source: JWR Marketing - YouTube (Screenshot)
The second biggest tractor in our Top 10 and the fourth from the Big Bud brothers included in the list, Big Bud 950/50 was restored and rebuilt in the 2000's by Big Equipment Company and it is one of the most powerful tractors ever built in the world. The base model for 950/50 was a Big Bud 525/50. To make it more powerful, the engineers installed in 2016-2017 a Caterpillar engine that delivered up to 1200 hp. In order to save fuel and to save the transmission, the engine was afterwards throttled to 950 hp. Auto steer is thus installed on the tractor.
Rated Engine Power 950 hp (710 kW)
Engine Type CAT 3508
Tires Goodyear DT930 1100/45R46
Base Weight Around 40 t
Big Bud 16V-747 - World’s Top 10 biggest tractors in 2022
Image Source: Rwslivka - Wikipedia

It comes as no surprise that the biggest tractor in the world is from the Big Bud Family. The largest from all the Big Bud’s built to this day, the Big Bud 16V-747 custom-made farm tractor was constructed in 1977, in Havre, Montana and is famous across the globe thanks to its amazing features: it weighs around 50 tons, twice the size of many of the largest production tractors in the world, has a 1,000 gallon (3.8 m³) fuel tank, and delivers up to 1.100 hp to do all the necessary hard work on the roughest fields. The tractor was built by Ron Harmon and the crew of the Northern Manufacturing Company and it featured a 16-cylinder Detroit Diesel engine that produced 760 horsepower. It was originally designed for the Rossi Brothers, cotton farmers in Bakersfield, California, who used the tractor for deep ripping for 11 years. The second owners, Willowbrook Farms, also used the tractor for deep ripping purposes. Today, Big Bud 16V-747 can be seen in Montana, only 60 miles from where it was originally manufactured. It is owned by the Williams Brothers that purchased the tractor in 1997 and brought it to their farm in Chouteau County, where they use it for cultivation purposes.

Rated Engine Power 1100 hp (820 kW)
Engine Type Detroit Diesel 16V92T
Tires LSW1400/30R46
Dimensions (L x W x H) 8690 mm x 7700 mm x 4300 mm
Base Weight Around 50 (up to 68t fully ballasted)

World’s biggest tractors FAQ

What is the biggest tractor in the world?

Constructed in 1977, the Big Bud 16V-747 holds the title of the biggest tractor in the world. It is powered by a Detroit Diesel 16V92T engine rated at 1100 hp! The custom-made tractor is currently in usage in Montana, United States of America.

What is the world's largest farm tractor?

The largest farm tractor is Big Bud 16V-747 with a base weight of 50 tons. Fully ballasted weight can reach up to 68 tons. Its length is 8.69 metres at the end of the drawbar, width 7.7 metres over dual wheels and height 4.3 metres.

How much does a big bud 747 cost?

The original price for the Big Bud 747 sold in 1977 was $300,000. Taking into account today’s inflation, its current price could be around $1,300,000. Nevertheless, it is difficult to estimate the exact price of the custom-made tractor.

How many big bud 747 were made?

The custom-made model Big Bud was constructed in Havre, Montana in 1977 and is the only one of its kind.

Are Big Bud tractors still made?

The last Big Bud tractor was manufactured in 1992 and shortly after, the company went bankrupt due to financial issues caused by lack of customers and the decline of agriculture in the United States.