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    JCB 8026 CTS excavator specs (2013 - 2021)

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    Manufactured by JCB, this is the 8026 CTS mini excavator. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here. ... Read more

    Manufactured by JCB, this is the 8026 CTS mini excavator. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here.

    Equipped with a powerful JCB engine, this 8026 CTS 2.867t machine can provide 18.4kW or 24 horse power for the mini excavator. This JCB mini excavator belongs to the medium sized machine segment in the mini excavators category. The 8026 CTS’s size is 1.55m x 4.08m x 2.4m.

    The JCB 8026 CTS has been equipped and sold with Blade and Rubber track. It has been sold without air Aircondition, Quick hitch hydr. And Track adaption as of 2017. There are more detailed specifications and machine descriptions available in the original JCB 8026 CTS specs data sheet. Specification sheet is available for a free download in English and German - providing the machine descriptions and more detailed specs about this particular model.

    This model can be acquired for a list price between €47000 and €60000. Production of the 8026 CTS continues in 2017. For more detailed information about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system.

    JCB currently produces 19 other mini excavators, which range from 0.9t up to 5.4t - the most visited on LECTURA Specs are 8030 ZTS, 8018 CTS, 8014 CTS. Having been in production from 2013 to 2017, the 8026 CTS mini excavator ranks in the LECTURA index at #21. Throughout the production cycle of this 8026 CTS mini excavator, there have been around 19 models that average a price of €31900 for an age of 3 years Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest JCB 8026 CTS specs data sheet on LECTURA Specs today!


    Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.Contact our team with any change suggestion.

    • Weight 2.87 t
    • Transport length 4.08 m
    • Transport width 1.55 m
    • Transport height 2.4 m
    • Bucket width 0.3 m
    • Track width 250 mm
    • Driver protection FD
    • Max. Reach horizontal 4.66 m
    • Dredging depth 3.05 m
    • Tear-out force 23 kN
    • Engine manuf. JCB
    • Engine type 403D-15
    • Engine power 18.4 kW
    • Displacement 1.496 l
    • Revolutions at max torque 1800 rpm
    • Max. torque 90.4 Nm
    • Emission level III A

    More technical details, like: bucket capacity, bucket capacity min., bucket capacity max., standard tyres, dimension lxwxh, no. of cylinders, cylinder bore x stroke are available in the full technical specs.

    Basic model with standard bucket

    Special equipment

    • Track adjustment
    • Rubber track
    • Blade
    • Aircondition
    • Quick hitch hydr.
    • Quick hitch mech.

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    Superb machine

    JCB 8026 CTS user from

    JCB 8026 CTS overview

    • JCB 8026 CTS features overview

      Higher, further, deeper
      1 Our Maxi-Lift dozer handle allows extra lifting height even when the dipper is in maximum reach. It also offers excellent load hold performance. 2 82% better lifting capacity over the tracks (at maximum reach @ ground level) compared to the ZTS due to the repositioning center of gravity and extra 470mm tailswing
    • Engine / Driveline and transmission

      Power, performance and stability
      6 stands at the heart of the 8026 an 18th 4kw (gross) Tier iii engine with high torque of 96kn at 1800rpm for ultimate power and efficiency. 7 a solid, stable work platform improves productivity, versatility and operator confidence. 7 Impressive bucket and dipper crack performance (23kn or 17kn respectively) coupled with fast cycle times resulting in more done, faster results. 7 Superior boom geometry and field elevation provide improved ground retention and the ability to dig right through to dozer.
    • Hydraulics

      8 a new hand-guided tool circuit option means that the 8026 can supply a wide range of JCB hydraulic tools; from breakers and drills to pumps and cutters. 9 26% more auxiliary flow than the competition provides ultimate attachment performance. 10 The bucket-to-grab changeover capability switches oil flow from bucket cylinder to an additional set of quick change auxiliary connectors, extending its versatility to specialized attachments such as hanging rotating grapples. Productivity reaches new heights 8026 cts mini excavators
    • Environment

      Comfort and visibility
      4 Large lockable toolbox provides an uncluttered free working area. 2 Our electro proportional auxiliary thumb control option on the right joystick puts precision control of hydraulic attachments at your fingertips. 3 The new hydraulic system results in smooth, controlled, precise and balanced operation of excavator functions via low effort servo joysticks. 5 Large spacious operating environment with 50mm extra legroom compared to ZTS models. 5 Foldable tracking pedals keep the floor panel clutter-free simplifying cab cleaning and access. 6 Large glass surfaces and a low engine hood profile give excellent all round visibility, including the front right track.
    • Tyres / Tracks

      High-strength undercarriage
      1 The high quality 250mm wide tracks on the 8026 with locking links perform in the toughest applications. 2 High-strength track legs feature three-piece manufacturing to maximize rigidity and improve track retention. Tamped edges reduce abrasion response, making it easier to clean undercarriage.The 8026's open rail frame design also prevents buildup of loot. 3 Our new undercarriage features a top mounted roller improving travel track resistance. 4 box section dozer arms provide ultimate strength and robustness for all dozer tasks. Mini Excavator 8026 cts
      Built to last
      9 The modern JCB fabrication is 100% focused on construction quality, reliability and durability to maximise service life and machine availability. Our in-house paint process guarantees quality and lasting protection. Mini excavator 8026 cts
      Precision control
      1 The 8026 features a two-speed tracking button on the dozer lever, which is easy and intuitive to operate.
    • Dimensions and weight

      Machine model8026 CTS
      ASprocket idler centresmm (ft-in)1440 (4-8¾)
      BUndercarriage overall lengthmm (ft-in)1870 (6-1¾)
      CKingpost clearancemm (ft-in)528 (1-9)
      DTailswing radiusmm (ft-in)1220 (4-0)
      EOverall width of superstructuremm (ft-in)1550 (5-1)
      FHeight over cabmm (ft-in)2400 (7-10½)
      GGround clearancemm (ft-in)270 (0-10¾)
      HTrack gaugemm (ft-in)1252 (4-1¼)
      IWidth over tracksmm (ft-in)1502 (4-11)
      JTransport lengthmm (ft-in)4080 (13-4¾)
      KTransport heightmm (ft-in)2400 (7-10½)
      LTrack heightmm (ft-in)455 (1-6)
      Boom lengthmm (ft-in)2130 (7-0)
      Dipper lengthmm (ft-in)1300 (4-3¼)
      A Max digging reachmm (ft-in)4770 (15-7¾)
      B Max digging reach on groundmm (ft-in)4660 (15-3½)
      C Max digging depth – dozer upmm (ft-in)2740 (9-0)
      Max digging depth – dozer downmm (ft-in)3050 (10-0)
      D Max digging heightmm (ft-in)4495 (14-9)
      E Max dump heightmm (ft-in)3220 (10-6¾)
      F Max height to dipper nose pivot pinmm (ft-in)3830 (12-6¾)
      G Max vertical wallcut depthmm (ft-in)2080 (6-10)
      H Min. front swing radius (no offset)mm (ft-in)2045 (6-8½)
      Min. front swing radius (fully offset)mm (ft-in)1870 (6-1¾)
      I Boom swing leftdegrees45
      J Boom swing rightdegrees60
      Bucket rotationdegrees189
      Dipper rotationdegrees119
      Bucket tearoutkN (lbf)23 (5170)
      Dipper tearoutkN (lbf)17 (3822)
      Slew speedrpm9.6
      Cab/canopy heightmm (ft-in)1517 (4-11¾)
      Cab/canopy lengthmm (ft-in)1205 (3-11½)
      Cab/canopy widthmm (ft-in)980 (3-2½)
      Door aperture widthmm (ft-in)532 (1-9)
      Fuel tanklitres (US gal)56 (14.8)
      Engine coolantlitres (US gal)8.5 (2.0)
      Engine oillitres (US gal)4.5 (1.2)
      Hydraulic systemlitres (US gal)71 (18.8)
      Hydraulic tanklitres (US gal)45 (11.9)
      Max height (above ground)mm (ft-in)333 (1¼)
      Dig depth (below ground)mm (ft-in)405 (1-4)
      Approach angledegrees31
      Widthmm (ft-in)1550 (5-1)
      Heightmm (ft-in)268 (0-10½)
      Reach in front of tracksmm (ft-in)342 (1-1½)
      Operating weight*kg (lb)2867 (6321)
      With canopykg (lb)100 - (220.5) -
      With steel trackskg (lb)+ 84 + (185)
      *Operating weight to ISO 6016 including cab rubber tracks standard dipper 300mm (12in) bucket full tanks and a 75kg (165lb) operator."
    • Other features

      Reliable and robust
      5 The 8026 features colour coded hydraulic hoses for quick hose identification and is characterized by the latest industry technology O-ring surface seal (Orfs)hydraulic fittings that offer excellent sealing properties. 6 Our strong boom cylinder protection provides maximum protection in all applications. 7 The new casting profile plate on the 8026 helps prevent paint damage when accessing the cab. 8 recessed engine hoods and doors, plus a robust backcast counterweight provide added anti-damage protection.
      Maintenance made easy
      7 The new hydraulic valve block is easily accessed under the side-opening engine hood. All hoses are colour coded for quick and easy identification in case of accidental damage. 8 The 8026's hinged casting section plate provides simple battery access with just one coin or a screwdriver to unlock. 9 pin final lubrication makes greasing the digging end fast and easy. 10 a large 56 litre fuel tank reduces downtime, increasing productivity (40% more fuel capacity than ZTS models).
    • Safety

      Safe and sound
      all 8026 services, including tracking and dozer, are isolated when the control pod is raised. 11 The optional JCB Impact Protection front screen shields the operator from flying debris when using breakers. an option for hose fracture test ventilation turns off an alarm if the safe working load is to be exceeded. 12 a Insurance rates can be reduced by up to 40% with the Thatcham approved immobiliser. 13 Optional boom and cab work lights for maximum protection in hazardous applications.
    • Tables

      No of bottom rollers3
      Track widthmm (in)250 (10)
      Ground bearing pressurekg/cm²0.40
      Ground clearancemm (in)270 (0-10½)
      Track tensioningGrease
      Travel speed – lowkph (mph)2.5 (1.6)
      Travel speed – highkph (mph)4.9 (3.0)
      Tractive effortkN (lbf)25 (5620)
      Model403D-I5 Tier 3
      CoolingWater cooled
      Gross powerkW (hp) @ 2100 rpm18.4 (24.7)
      Nett powerkW (hp) @ 2100 rpm16.5 (22.1)
      Gross torqueNm (lbf ft) @ 1800 rpm96 (70.8)
      Nett torqueNm (lbf ft) @ 1800 rpm90.4 (66.7)
      Starter motorkW (hp)2 (2.68)
      Batteryvolt/Ah12 / 75
      Pump2 Variable & 1 Gear
      Nominal output @ 2250 rpmlpm96
      Nominal output @ 2250 rpmUS gal/min25.4
      Excavator/track main reliefbar (psi)235 (3408)
      Slew main reliefbar (psi)190 (2756)
      Auxiliary hydraulic flowlitres (US gal)59 (15.6)
      Hydraulic motorsPiston
      Reach from slew centre
      Load Point2.5m (8ft 2½in)3.0m (9ft 10in)3.5m (11ft 6in)4.0m (13ft 1in)Capacity at maximum reach
      HeightDozer upDozer downDozer upDozer downDozer upDozer downDozer upDozer downDozer upDozer down
      m (ft-in)kgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgkgmm
      2.0 (6-7)588*588*588*584*584*584*594*594*458---424614*3943900
      1.5 (4-11)778*778*778*689*689*689*494*646*452389637*371389637*3714000
      1 (3-3)7861005*718586806*543482713*439388660*365388660*3654000
      0.5 (1-8)7521142*696596918*542464769*437381689*369381689*3694000
      Ground Level7421255*676576983*524461812*433---401734*3773900
      -0.5 -(1-8)6951240*6495661002*515465801*428---437754*4053650
      -1 -(3-3)7111179*649566940*524------475787*4533350
      Cab / canopy externaldB (LwA)93
      Cab internaldB (LpA)78

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