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Kubota U27-4 HI excavator specs (2016 - 2020)

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The Kubota U27-4 HI Mini Excavator, manufactured from 2016 to 2020, weighs 2.66 tons and has a transport length of 4.19 meters, a ... Read more

The Kubota U27-4 HI Mini Excavator, manufactured from 2016 to 2020, weighs 2.66 tons and has a transport length of 4.19 meters, a transport width of 1.5 meters, and a transport height of 2.43 meters. It has a tear-out force of 21 kN and a dredging depth of 2.82 meters. The max reach horizontal is 4.63 meters, and the bucket capacity is 0.066 U/min with a bucket width of 0.5 Nm. The track width is 300 HP, and it comes with special equipment such as a blade, rubber track, and track adjustment.


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  • Weight 2.66 t
  • Transport length 4.19 m
  • Transport width 1.5 m
  • Transport height 2.43 m
  • Bucket capacity 0.066 m³
  • Bucket width 0.5 m
  • Track width 300 mm
  • Driver protection KbR
  • Max. Reach horizontal 4.63 m
  • Dredging depth 2.82 m
  • Tear-out force 21 kN
  • Model series U
  • Engine manuf. Kubota
  • Engine type D1105-E4BH
  • Engine power 15.6 kW
  • Displacement 1.123 l
  • Revolutions at max torque 2400 rpm
  • No. of cylinders 4

More technical details, like: bucket capacity min., bucket capacity max., standard tyres, dimension lxwxh, max. torque, cylinder bore x stroke, emission level are available in the full technical specs.

Basic model with standard bucket

Special equipment

  • Track adjustment
  • Rubber track
  • Blade
  • Aircondition
  • Quick hitch hydr.
  • Quick hitch mech.

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Kubota U27-4 HI overview

  • Kubota U27-4 HI features overview

    Sicherheitskabine Arbeitsausrüstung
    Hydraulic gauge ports, emergency lowering u over pressure reservoir, Hydraulic locking system Rotating function, Cab heater with front window de-icing, 2 working lights on the cab, installation preparation for single switch radio in the cabin (radio input compartment, antenna, 2 x speakers) / High-Spec version, weight abha narrow adjustable travel seat (fabric seat), safety gürt, hydraulic pre-control with hand rest studs, front disco opening system with throttle pressureda mpfer Understuption, radio pre-occupation, digital instrument indicator with Kubota KICS System, ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure, ISO3471), OPG (Operator Protective Guard) Stage I, fixing 12 test fuel unit, 1Hub screw ellipse.
    Fahrerschutzdach Sonstiges Optionale Ausrüstung
    Weight abha ngig variable driver seat (PVC seat), seat belt, Hydraulic pre-control with hand rest studs, Digital instrument indicator with Kubota KICS System, ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure, ISO3471), OPG (Operator Protective Guard) Stage I, switch and wiring for all round lights, fixing points for cab protection, 12 V plug adapter, Orginal Kubota theft Safety system, tool system, brake system for uppercarriage dry, holder for machines Transport safety guard, Proportional auxiliary control circuit (AUX1) Set up, installation preparation for thrust radio (radio bay compartment, antenna, 2 speakers), 2 working lights on Schutbauweiser Version, spare parts / pipe
  • Hydraulics

    The new U27-4 offers its own operator a robust excavator with compact dimensions and best performance data. The U27-4 sets new standards in its weight class. The ability to move easily in the tightest jobsites makes this machine a universalgera t for its operator. The gera umige cab skids out a dominating all-round visibility, enables the driver to enjoy easy entry and exit while offering a very special comfort on the job.
    Geräumige Sicherheitskabine
    The new U27-4 offers the large travel cabin under the excavators of the 2.5 tonne class. The modern cab has plenty of room for convenient, educational-free work. Due to the new machine design it has been possible to improve driving comfort. Thus, B. the foot space could be widened by up to 370 mm. Daru over hien aus werden der kabinein Einstieg sehr nähe und die Einsteigerho he lowered. Straight on jobs that require a ha owy entry and exit from the box, the driver has significantly shorter and safer luggage access. Also reworked the front windshield's overhead system is located under the supervision of the owner (Ochner) throttle with a great distance of 10 km/h
    Hohe Grabkräfte
    The U27-4 is optimally matched to each other lo ffelstick and loffel moving. Together with the very good digging crags, excavator work can be performed quickly and effectively without loss of power. Even in tough working conditions, the excavator achieves a maximum dig depth of 2820 mm unu thorized performance sensing. Even under the most harshest conditions, thus digging jobs can be carried out quickly and efficiently. A high excavation performance with excellent stability, even often on short tail excavators montier counterweight, decode the host claims.
    Kurzheckbagger mit geringem Heckschwenkradius innerhalb der Kettenbreite
    The U27-4 short tail excavator is the right choice if you are looking for a power, adaptable and productive machine for tight jobsites as well as in buildings. Counterweight and engine hood are designed to protrude only minimally u above the chains when turning the machine. Even in the narrowest structures one can concentrate on the work routes approximately throughout 360 range without having to pay attention to rear movements.
    Hervorragende Sicht
    The cab of the U27-4 has been developed according to the aspects of great possible driving safety and the highest checks on bicycle comfort. It offers plenty of space and safety, and because of the large panoramic discs a dominating all-round view. Obstacles and people are thus quickly perceived when working and possibly machine damage prevented. Daru beer hienaus werden all Hydraulikschlasche gespritzt durch den Auslegung geführt. This measure may reduce harmfulness and spread the life of the sla itself considerably. Another advantage of hydraulic hoseadjustment abroad is that from the driver's seat unhindered seating field installed on the digging leg.
    The 1500 mm track width ensures outstanding stability. This combination and the compact design of the machine made it possible for the U27-4 to have a very large working range, with uneven flexibility t and versatility, precisely where space is limited to work.
  • Environment

    Kubota – Dieselmotor
    The U27-4 is powered by a powerful and reliable Kubota diesel engine, which thus enabled high digging and working performance with low work straights to be used and vibrations. In addition, the very good engine matching means that existing, la ble pollutant emission levels are met in this power class.
    Einfacher Maschinen - Transport
    With an operating weight of 2,590 kg (cabins - version), the U27-4 can be conveniently and easily loaded and transported on a truck or 3.5-tonne Anha. Thanks to the standard, auxiliary laurels, the machine is safe and easy to transport.
    Digitale Instrumentenanzeige mit Kubota KICS – System
    The new innovative Digital Instrument Indicator with the forward Kubota KICS System (Kubota's Intelligent Control System) u guards and handles a variety of different information. The new instrument gauge determines itself in the direct viewing area of the operating range, in the prearranged proper cab area. Changing in various menu views or individual retrieval of varying machine data such as, B. Operating hours selection, current engine rpm, ku hlwasser temp & time etc can be queried at any time. This is simply done during one-finger tip loading. A multitude of further auxiliary functions make it possible to use a new digital instrumentation system.
    The U27-4 display unit is automatically equipped with a diagnostic function. This u continuously monitors the machine's working condition and alerts operation in case of emergency by various warning lamps and code numbers (for example, u on a possible machines - minating, possibly hydraulic problems or too low battery charging voltage). Large machine shake and associated general failures and repair costs are thus efficiently rented out.
    ROPS / OPG Schutzdach und Sicherheitskabine
    The ROPS / OPG protective canopy and the safety cab (Operator Protective Guard, stage), offer great protection to the operator in case of a comprehensive overhaul of the machine or with falling opposites.
    Orginal Kubota Diebstahl – Sicherungs – System
    Your U27-4 is protected by the original Kubota Theft - Backup - System. Only programmed locks could make it possible to start the engine. We are looking with a non-programmed lock to start the machine, so an alarm is activated. This system also includes the feature of reminding the operator about removing the finder's plug after shutting down the engine from closing. A LED - Control lights warn potential thieves that the system is now active.
  • Dimensions and weight

    Point Height HubhöheAnhebepunkt – Radius (2m)Anhebepunkt –Radius (Max)
    Über Schild (Schild abgesenkt)Über SchildÜber Schild (Schild abgesenkt)Über Schild
    1,5m730 (0,74)720 (0,73)",–,–
    1,0m1020 (1,04)680 (0,69)420 (0,43)240 (0,25)"
    0,5m1150 (1,18) Axisof Rotation 650 (0,67)",–,–
    0m,"1230 (1,25)640 (0,66)",–,–
  • Tables

    Hydraulik- pumpenP3Zahnradpumpe
    Hydr. DruckMPa (kgf/cm2 )172 (175) 230230"
    Max. Reißkraft am Löffelstiel 1230 1590 daN (kgf)123 (1260)"
    Max. Außbrechkraftam Löffelzahn 1080 3860daN (kgf)210 (2140)"
    Ausleger Schwenkwinkel (Links / Rechts)Grad°75 / 55 2350
    Zusätzlicher Steuerkreis (AUX1)Hydraulikölmenge ₡ /min48
    Hydraulikdruck MPa (kgf/cm2 )172 (175)"
    Zusätzlicher Steuerkreis (AUX2)Hydraulikölmenge /min192"
    Hydraulikdruck MPa (kgf/cm2 )17.2 (175) 230230
    Hydrauliktankkapazität 1230 4070 159022
    Kraftstofftankkapazität 4120 108033
    3860 Max. Fahrgeschwindigkeit (1.Gang / 2.Gang) km/h25 / 45"
    Bodendruck (Kabine / Schutzdach)kPa (kgf/cm2 )247 (025) / 237 (024)"

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Spare parts & Components

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