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JCB 8018 CTS excavator specs (2005 - 2017)

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The 8018 CTS mini excavator model is manufactured by JCB. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here. ... Read more

The 8018 CTS mini excavator model is manufactured by JCB. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here.

This mini excavator is built to provide up to 14.2kW or 19 horse power, delivered from its powerful Perkins engine to the 1.66t 8018 CTS machine. This JCB mini excavator belongs to the smallest machine segment in the mini excavators category. The 8018 CTS’s size is 1.34m x 3.42m x 2.32m. The bucket of 8018 CTS has a capacity of 0.04m³ which is average for this type of machine.

The JCB 8018 CTS has been equipped and sold with Blade, Track adaption and Rubber track. Aircondition, Quick hitch mech. And Quick hitch hydr. Are not provided on this model as of 2017. There are more detailed specifications and machine descriptions available in the original JCB 8018 CTS specs data sheet. Specification sheet is available for a free download in Spanish, English, Italian and French - providing the machine descriptions and more detailed specs about this particular model.

This model can be acquired for a list price between €32000 and €41000. Production of the 8018 CTS continues in 2017. For more detailed information about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system.

JCB currently produces 19 other mini excavators, which range from 0.9t up to 5.4t - the most visited on LECTURA Specs are 8026 CTS, 8014 CTS, 8030 ZTS. Having been in production from 2005 to 2017, the 8018 CTS mini excavator ranks in the LECTURA index at #1. Currently, 19 models of the 8018 CTS mini excavator exist, at an average sale value of €15700 at 5 years of age. Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest JCB 8018 CTS specs data sheet on LECTURA Specs today!


Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.Contact our team with any change suggestion.

  • Weight 1.82 t
  • Transport length 3.52 m
  • Transport width 0.98 m
  • Transport height 2.34 m
  • Bucket capacity 0.04 m³
  • Bucket width 0.3 m
  • Track width 230 mm
  • Driver protection Kb
  • Max. Reach horizontal 4.07 m
  • Dredging depth 2.74 m
  • Tear-out force 16.2 kN
  • Engine manuf. Perkins
  • Engine type 403D-11
  • Engine power 14.2 kW
  • Displacement 1.131 l
  • Revolutions at max torque 1600 rpm
  • Max. torque 64.2 Nm
  • Emission level Stufe III A

More technical details, like: average fuel consumption, fuel consumption range (min - max), bucket capacity min., bucket capacity max., standard tyres, model series, dimension lxwxh, no. of cylinders, cylinder bore x stroke are available in the full technical specs.

Basic model with standard bucket

Special equipment

  • Track adjustment
  • Rubber track
  • Blade
  • Aircondition
  • Quick hitch hydr.
  • Quick hitch mech.

Carbon footprint calculator for Mini Excavators

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The footprint evaluation can be carried out based on different energy consumption scenarios or other variables.

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JCB 8018 CTS overview

  • Dimensions and weight

    Machine Model8018 CTS
    ft-in (mm)
    A Sprocket Idler Centers3-8 (1127)
    B Undercarriage Overall Length5-10 (1484)
    C Kingpost Clearance1-3 (376)
    D Tailswing Radius3-41 ⁄2 (1028)
    E Overall Width of Superstructure3-21 ⁄2 (980)
    F Height Over Cab7-7 (2318)
    G Ground Clearance0-6 (158)
    H Track Gauge2-51 ⁄2 to 3-73 ⁄4 (750 to 1110)
    Machine Model8018 CTS
    ft-in (mm)
    I Width Over Tracks (retracted)3-21 ⁄2 (980)
    Width Over Tracks (extended)4-5 (1340)
    J Transport Length – Standard Dipper11-21 ⁄2 (3418)
    J Transport Length – Long Dipper11-0 (3352)
    J Transport Length – Gravemaster Dipper10-63 ⁄4 (3219)
    K Transport Height with FOGS Guard7-7 (2318)
    K Transport Height without FOGS Guard7-61 ⁄2 (2304)
    L Track Height1-2 (366)
    Machine Model8018 CTS
    Operating Weight*lb (kg)3664 (1662)
    Transport Weightlb (kg)3499 (1587)
    With Canopylb (kg)-176 (-80)
    With FOGS Guardlb (kg)+55 (+25)
    With Long Dipperlb (kg)+41 ⁄2 (+2)
    With Gravemaster Dipperlb (kg)+151 ⁄2 (+7)
    Cab/Canopy Height with FOGS Guardft-in (mm)7-7 (2318)7-5 (2269)
    Cab/Canopy Height no FOGS Guardft-in (mm)7-61 ⁄2 (2304)7-5 (2269)
    Cab/Canopy Lengthft-in (mm)3-11 (1171)3-6 (1073)
    Cab/Canopy Widthft-in (mm)3-2 (974)2-11 (888)
    Distance from Seat Base to Roofft-in (mm)4-0(1223)
    Door Aperture Widthft-in (mm)2-01 ⁄2(624)
    Machine Model8018 CTS
    Max Height (above ground)ft-in (mm)0-7 (178)
    Dig Depth (below ground)ft-in (mm)0-111 ⁄2 (292)
    Approach Angledegrees26.5
    Widthft-in (mm)3-3 (1000)
    Width (extended)ft-in (mm)4-61 ⁄4 (1380)
    Heightft-in (mm)0-9 (225)
    Reach in Front of Tracksft-in (mm)0-8 (202)
    Machine Model8018 CTS8018 CTS8018 CTS
    Dipper Lengthft-in (mm)3-10 (1161)4-2 (1261)4-11 (1500)
    A Max Digging Reachft-in (mm)12-11 (3933)13-21 ⁄2 (4028)13-111 ⁄2 (4254)
    B Max Digging Reach on Groundft-in (mm)12-8 (3865)12-11 (3949)13-83 ⁄4 (4184)
    C Max Digging Depth – Dozer Upft-in (mm)7-0 (2142)7-4 (2242)8-11 ⁄2 (2477)
    Max Digging Depth – Dozer Downft-in (mm)8-1 (2470)8-5 (2570)9-21 ⁄2 (2805)
    D Max Digging Heightft-in (mm)11-4 (3460)11-61 ⁄2 (3519)12-0 (3660)
    E Max Dump Heightft-in (mm)8-5 (2568)8-7 (2626)9-03 ⁄4 (2765)
    F Max Height to Dipper Nose Pivot Pinft-in (mm)9-9 (2973)9-11 (3032)10-43 ⁄4 (3172)
    G Max Vertical Wallcut Depthft-in (mm)5-9 (1750)6-01 ⁄2 (1845)6-10 (2082)
    Min Front Swing Radius (no offset)ft-in (mm)5-71 ⁄2 (1715)5-81 ⁄2 (1739)5-101 ⁄2 (1791)
    Min Front Swing Radius (fully offset)ft-in (mm)5-0 (1529)5-1 (1552)5-2 (1574)
    Boom Swing Leftdegrees555555
    Boom Swing Rightdegrees757575
    Bucket Rotationdegrees198198198
    Dipper Rotationdegrees112112112
    Bucket Tearoutlbf (kN)3642 (16.2)3642 (16.2)
    Dipper Tearoutlbf (kN)2068 (9.2)1866 (8.3)
    Slew Speedrpm101010
  • Tables

    Machine Model8018 CTS
    Fuel Tankgal (l)6.2 (23.5)
    Engine Coolantgal (l)1.32 (5)
    Engine Oilgal (l)1.05 (4)
    Hydraulic Systemgal (l)7.4 (28)
    Hydraulic Tankgal (l)6.6 (25)
    Standard Gear PumpOptional Variable Pump
    PumpTriple Section Gear1 Variable (2 Ports) / 1 Gear
    Nominal Outputlpm43.6 (15.7 x 15.7 x 12.2)46.9 (17.1 x 17.1 x 12.7)
    Nominal Outputgal/min11.5 (4.15 x 4.15 x 3.2)12.4 (4.5 x 4.5 x 3.4)
    Excavator/Track Main Reliefpsi (bar)3336 (230)3336 (230)
    Slew Main Reliefpsi (bar)2321 (160)2321 (160)
    Auxiliary Hydraulic Flowgal (l)8.3 (31.3)9 (34.2)
    Hydraulic MotorsPistonPiston
    Machine Model8018 CTS
    No of Bottom Rollers3
    Track Widthin (mm)9 (230)
    Ground Bearing Pressurelb/in2 (kg/cm2 )4.55 (0.32)
    Ground Clearancein (mm)6 (158)
    Track TensioningGrease
    Travel Speed – Lowmph (kph)1.24 (2)
    Travel Speed – Highmph (kph)2.36 (3.8)
    Tractive Effortlbf (kN)2540 (11.3)
    Machine Model8018 CTS
    CoolingWater Cooled
    Gross Powerhp (kW) @ 2200 rpm19.7 (14.7)
    Net Powerhp (kW) @ 2200 rpm19 (14.2)
    Gross Torquelbf ft (Nm) @ 1900 rpm49.3 (66.8)
    Net Torquelbf ft (Nm) @ 1900 rpm47.4 (64.2)
    Displacementcid (cc)69 (1131)
    Starter Motorhp (kW)1.5 (1.1)
    BatteryV (A)12 (60)
    Emission CertificationInterim Tier IV
    HeightDozer upDozer downRetractedExtendedDozer upDozer downRetractedExtendedDozer upDozer downRetractedExtendedDozer upDozer downRetractedExtendedDozer upDozer downRetractedExtendedDistance
    ft-in (mm)lblblblblblblblblblblblblblblblblblblblbft-in (mm)
    4-11 (1500)44144848147838151131751811-3 (3430)
    3-3 (1000)76180576176367269467267557159555355644354528255611-53⁄4 (3500)
    1-8 (500)105812507031124866102558291760873946568338159727643711-53⁄4 (3500)
    Ground Level105216768471407882142269711557281105531105457583343280536260230447611-01⁄4 (3360)
    1-8 (–500) –10232072829120287115286921107677119951689549682940167938164833551410-31⁄2(3140)
    3-3 (–1000) –966159482212307321362626103863512285208474898663956574147143335629-6 (2900)

Machine inspection

Ask for inspection of your JCB 8018 CTS from experts

Mevas is an international operating inspection service for used heavy machinery. Construction machinery inspectors are available in more than 20 countries.

Use this service to minimise the risk when buying used equipment. An inspection by Mevas costs less than repairing a defective hydraulic cylinder.

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Spare parts & Components

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