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    Kubota KX71-3 GL excavator specs (2004 - 2017)

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    The KX 71-3 GL mini excavator model is manufactured by Kubota. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine h... Read more

    The KX 71-3 GL mini excavator model is manufactured by Kubota. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here.

    Equipped with a powerful Kubota engine, this KX 71-3 GL 2.8t machine can provide 20.5kW or 27 horse power for the mini excavator. The KX 71-3 GL is categorised in the medium sized machine segment in the mini excavators category. The model's dimensions are 4.52m x 1.5m x 2.41m. The bucket capacity of KX 71-3 GL is 0.07m³, which is above average for this type of machine.

    The KX 71-3 GL is manufactured and distributed with Blade and Rubber track. It does not include Quick hitch mech., Quick hitch hydr. And Track adaption. There are more detailed specifications and machine descriptions available in the original Kubota KX 71-3 GL specs data sheet. Available in English and German, LECTURA Specs offers a free download of highly detailed specifications and machine descriptions of this model.

    The production is still going in 2017, where this KX 71-3 GL is available at a new list price between €49000 and €62000. For more detailed information about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system.

    The most commonly viewed Kubota models of this type on LECTURA Specs are the KX 019-4 HGL, KX 057-4 and KX 61-3 GL, and 38 other mini excavators, which currently range from 1t up to 5.5t are also available. This KX 71-3 GL mini excavator, which has been in production between 2004 and 2017 ranks in the LECTURA index at #22. Currently, 38 models of the KX 71-3 GL mini excavator exist, at an average sale value of €40200 at 8 years of age. Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest Kubota KX 71-3 GL specs data sheet on LECTURA Specs today!


    Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.Contact our team with any change suggestion.


    Length 14 ft. 11 in. (4,550 mm)
    Height 8 ft. (2,430 mm) canopy7 ft. 11 in. (2,410 mm) cab
    Width 4 ft. 11 in. (1,500 mm)
    Weight Canopy: 6,305 lbs. (2,860 kgf) including 175 lbs. operator's weight
    Cab: 6,550 lbs. (2,970 kgf) including 175 lbs. operator's weigh
    Ground Clearance 11 in. (285 mm)
    Fuel Tank Capacity 11.9 gal. (45 l)


    Track Length 6 ft. 6 in. (1,990 mm)
    Track Width 12 in. (300 mm)


    Engine Make Kubota
    Engine Model V1505-BH
    Gross Horsepower 24.4 hp (18.2 kW) @ 2,250 rpm
    Net Horsepower 23.1 hp (17.2 kW) @ 2,250 rpm
    Displacement 91 ci
    Fuel Type Diesel


    Std Pump Flow 8.32 gpm (31.5 lpm) piston x 24.76 gpm (18 lpm) gear x 1
    Opt Pump Flow 13.1 gpm (49.5 lpm)


    Travel Speed Forward 1.8 - 2.9 mph (2.8 - 4.6 km/h)
    Arm Force 3,285 lbs. (1,490 kgf) breakout
    Blade Height 12 in. (300 m)
    Blade Width 4 ft. 11 in. (1,500 mm)
    Bucket Breakout Force 6,350 lbs. (2,880 kgf)
    Boom Swing Radius Left 80
    Boom Swing Radius Right 60°

    Basic model with standard bucket

    Special equipment

    • Track adjustment
    • Rubber track
    • Blade
    • Aircondition
    • Quick hitch hydr.
    • Quick hitch mech.

    Carbon footprint calculation

    Calculate the carbon footprint of the Kubota KX71-3 GL per hour of use:

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    Kubota KX71-3 GL overview

    • Kubota KX71-3 GL features overview

      Engine/Fuel system
      Double Element Air Cleaner, Electric Fuel Pump, ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure, ISO 3471), FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) Level 1, Weight adjustable full suspension, seat belt, Hydraulic pilot control lever with wrist rests, travel lever with foot pedals, cab heater for defrost & dumping, emergency exit hammer, front window power assisted by 2 throttle dampers, 12 V power source for radio stereo, location for 2 speakers and radio antenna.
      ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure, ISO 3471), FOPS (Falling Objects Protective Structure) Level 1, weight adjustable full suspension, seat belt, Hydraulic pilot control lever with wrist rests, travel lever with foot pedals.
    • Engine / Driveline and transmission

      Reaching a higher level of performance is easy when you have the greatest digging force in your class. The Kubota KX71-3 mini-excavator. Operate the control levers on the KX71-3 mini-excavator. And you have the most efficient, work site working power within your hands. Because the KX71-3 delivers the largest digging depth and reach of all Mini-excavators with a long arm in its weight category. Even at the long arm it surprisingly produces the greatest power in its class both for the arm and bucket digging. In addition, the lifting capacity of the KX71-3 is so strong. Along with a variety of robust features that complete the package, it makes the KX71-3 stand-alone
      Digging arm and bucket
      With the ability to deliver the greatest possible force, as well as with the efficiency of a long arm, the KX71-3 produces the largest digging depth of all length-armed mini-excavators. Even through its long arm specification, the KX71-3 surprisingly generates the biggest power for arms and bucket trenching. In addition, it has the capability to perform a wide range of tasks (in its class.)
      Low noise level
      When designing the KX71-3, we have continued to focus on being environmentally and user-friendly. Thus, the noise level of the KX71-3 in the cab is an amazingly low 79 db.
      Kubota V1505-EBH engine
      The powerful and reliable Kubota V1505-EBH engine ensures economical and environmentally friendly performance. The engine is so fuel efficient, a full tank gives 10 hours of continuous work.
    • Hydraulics

      Variable displacement pump
      For efficient operation, both the oil flow and pressure from the variable displacement pumps are adapted to the workload. By using variable pumps a more efficient engine is selected which results in fuel efficiency, low vibration and noise levels.
      Hydraulic system
      Pressure accumulator, Hydraulic pressure test ports, Straight travel circuit, third line hydraulic recirculation.
      Working equipment
      1150 mm Arm, auxiliary hydraulic circuit line to the arm end, 2 working lights on the cab and 1 light on the boom.
    • Tyres / Tracks

      Increased rear visibility
      The KX71-3 features a 28% overhang with consistent stability like our conventional model. Now, KX71-3 offers increased rear visibility and easier operation in confined areas.
      2-speed travel switch
      With the 2-speed travel switch switched from ground to dozer lever, you can enjoy improved dozer operation at changing travel speeds.
      300 mm rubber track, 1 x upper track roller, 3 x outer flange chart lower track roller, 2 speed travel switch on dozer
    • Other features

      Deluxe cabin
      For you to work longer, our larger cab offers maximum comfort. It provides more legroom, an adjustable suspension seat, a radio installation kit and excellent visibility. Cabs and canopy offer ROPS/FOPS safety.
      Wrist rest
      With this new feature to assist with smooth operation and produce less operator fatigue, wrist rests are fitted as standard. Easy adjustments can be made easily, in addition the operation is smoother and low-fatigue.
    • Safety

      Safety lock system
      To prevent unexpected machine movements, the safety lever must be raised to lock out the travel levers and pilot controls before the engine starts.
      Safety system
      Engine start safety system on left console, Travel Lock System on left console, swing lock system, Boom anti-fall circuit in control valve.

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