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Hitachi ZX55U-5A excavator specs (2013 - 2018)

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The Hitachi ZX55U-5A Mini Excavator was manufactured from 2013 to 2018 and weighs 5.21 tons. It has a transport length of 5.52 met... Read more

The Hitachi ZX55U-5A Mini Excavator was manufactured from 2013 to 2018 and weighs 5.21 tons. It has a transport length of 5.52 meters, a transport width of 2 meters, and a transport height of 2.53 meters. The tear-out force of this machine is 36.9 kN and it has a maximum reach of 6 meters horizontally. The bucket capacity is 0.14 U/min and the bucket width is 0.4 Nm. The track width is 400 HP and it comes equipped with air conditioning, a blade, and rubber tracks.


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  • Weight 5.21 t
  • Transport length 5.52 m
  • Transport width 2 m
  • Transport height 2.53 m
  • Bucket capacity 0.14 m³
  • Bucket width 0.4 m
  • Track width 400 mm
  • Driver protection KbR
  • Max. Reach horizontal 6.13 m
  • Dredging depth 3.83 m
  • Tear-out force 36.9 kN
  • Model series ZAXIS
  • Engine manuf. Yanmar
  • Engine type 4TNV88
  • Engine power 28.2 kW
  • Displacement 2.189 l
  • Revolutions at max torque 1100 rpm
  • Max. torque 139.6 Nm
  • No. of cylinders 4
  • Cylinder bore x stroke 88 x 90 mm
  • Emission level 3A

More technical details, like: bucket capacity min., bucket capacity max., standard tyres, dimension lxwxh are available in the full technical specs.

Basic model with standard bucket

Special equipment

  • Track adjustment
  • Rubber track
  • Blade
  • Aircondition
  • Quick hitch hydr.
  • Quick hitch mech.

Carbon footprint calculator for Mini Excavators

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The carbon footprint calculation can be carried out based on different energy consumption scenarios or other variables.

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Hitachi ZX55U-5A overview

  • Hitachi ZX55U-5A features overview

    4-5 Performance
    Hitachi mini excavators are renowned for durability, delivering high productivity with reduced operating costs.
    6-7 Comfort
    The cabin of the new Hitachi mini excavators is spacious and comfortable, with more legroom, improved visibility and user-friendly features.
    8-9 Maintenance
    Quick and easy cleaning and maintenance on the new ZAXIS 55U can be performed thanks to comfortable and accessible features.
    Greater versatility
    Featuring the standard stack muffler, autoshift travel and a variety of optional parts, the new ZAXIS 55U is suitable for use

    The new Hitachi ZAXIS 55U mini excavator has been designed with one aim in mind so that our customers can make their visions come true. It sets a new standard in terms of performance, comfort and maintenance, building the reputation of Hitachi for versatility, reliability and durability. For owners it meets the demands on efficiency and high quality; to operators it offers a comfortable, safe working environment and is extremely user-friendly. Thanks to a range of simple maintenance features and using the after-sales programme Hitachi Support Chain, the new ZAXIS 55U delivers an excellent level of uptime, allowing you to bring any task to a satisfactory conclusion timely, budget fit and high standards.
    Large cab
    The wide operator seat, improved armrest and easy access to the cab of the new ZAXIS give the operator a more comfortable working environment. 1 100 mm
    Quick and easy service access
    The new ZAXIS features wide covers that are easy to open and the radiator and oil cooler are conveniently located side by side.
    Like all new ZAXIS models, the mini excavator range has also been designed to provide high productivity and reduced operating costs. Suitable for working on projects such as earthmoving, utility companies and general constructions especially where space is limited, they are fast, powerful and fuel-saving. Thanks to several new design features adopted by Hitachi, they're also extremely durable to ensure that they deliver an outstanding level of performance on any job site.
    Greater durability
    Working on a variety of construction projects under the pressure of deadlines requires reliable and durable machines to help you get the job done in time and within budget. The new ZAXIS mini excavators are extremely durable thanks to a number of new and improved features. For example, an advanced energy saving system has been integrated into the new ZAXIS 55U model. It combines ECO mode, auto-lise and isochronous control functions of the excavator to significantly reduce fuel consumption. Other benefits of this system include lower noise levels and emissions. The machine's front joints have been strengthened, the swing bar has been enhanced as well as the D frame has been reinforced. The ZAXIS 55U is also equipped with a boom cylinder guard and box section rigid frame blade. A shorter pilot lock lever also ensures added durability. Fuel efficiency is also ensured by the all-new engine of the ZAXIS mini excavator coupled with an electronic governor. In cooperation with the efficient HHHH hydraulic system, it ensures that the excavator works with less fuel than the previous ZAXIS model (30%), while maintaining higher performance in the PIG.
    The new ZAXIS mini excavator may look compact outside, but the spacious cab proves it is large inside. Hitachi designers consulted operators' views around the world on the main considerations for the interior of the machine. As a result, they have developed a comfortable working environment with improved visibility, user-friendly features and greater sense of space than in previous models Hitachi. It assists the ZAXIS 55U to set a new standard on any job site.
    From the comfort of the cab
    If you spend most of your working day in the cabin of a Hitachi ZAXIS mini excavator, it is important that you feel comfortable during your work. Hitachi has developed the new ZAXIS 55U firmly in mind with the operator to make you feel less tired at the end of your day on the job site.
    Enhanced visibility
    The wide seat and large cabin interior are some of the most obvious changes to the new mini excavator range. Thanks to the folding foot pedals, there is more legroom, and an adjustable armrest also enables the operator to search for the most comfortable seated position. Access to and from the cab is also easier by introducing an entry step. An enlarged front window and door also contribute to greater sense of space compared with previous models while providing greater visibility. This is especially important on busy jobsites and when working in compact spaces so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine or health and safety problems for the operator.
    At your fingertips
    Performance is firmly in the hands of the operator in the new ZAXIS mini excavator, as Hitachi has integrated a number of user-friendly features.
    The new ZAXIS mini excavators provide high uptime wherever they need to work in the world. This is partly thanks to Hitachi's reputation for producing reliable and durable machines. It also depends on their range of practical maintenance features that allow you to perform quick and easy cleaning and service tasks on the job site, allowing you to be sure of your optimal performance at all times.
    Easy acces
    The new range of ZAXIS mini excavators has been designed with a variety of convenient features to enable our customers routine maintenance and servicing quickly and easily. To provide quick access, the daily inspection points of the excavator have been grouped together so that you can continue your work as soon as possible. Parallel to this, the cooling package has been arranged to achieve greater cooling efficiency. Covers on the ZAXIS 55U excavator, including those for the radiator, engine and fuel tank, have been opened in a wide and comfortable manner. A tilt-up device for the tilt-up floor is available as an option; giving you even more accessibility for service and maintenance procedures. Information about the new ZAXIS mini excavator are also easy to access thanks to the owner's Global e-Service plus website (optional).
    Reducing Environmental Impact by New ZAXIS
    Hitachi makes a green way to reduce CO2 emissions for global warming prevention according to LCA. New ZAXIS uses many technological advances, including the new ECO mode and Isochronous Control. Hitachi has long been committed to recycling components such as aluminum parts in radiators and oil coolers. Resin parts are marked for recycling. Life Cycle Assessment ISO 14040 Prior to operating this machine, including satellite communications system, in a country other than its destination, it may be necessary to make changes to it so that it complies with local regulatory standards (including safety standards) and legal requirements of that country. Please do not export or operate this machine outside their respective countries of use until such compliance has been confirmed. If you have any questions about compliance please contact your Hitachi dealer. These specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Illustrations and photos show standard models nor can they include optional equipment, accessories, customers installed and modified parts, optional parts plus all standard equipment with some differences in colour and characteristics.
  • Environment

    Hitachi Environmental Vision 2025
    The Hitachi Group has published the Environmental Vision 2025 to curb annual carbon dioxide emissions.The Group is committed to global production while reducing environmental impact into the life cycle of all products, as well as achieving a sustainable society by pursuing three goals: prevention of global warming, recycling of resources and improving ecosystem.
  • Dimensions and weight

    Arm length1.38 m1.69 m
    A Max. digging reach5 9606 260
    A’ Max. digging reach (on ground)5 8206 130
    B Max. digging depth3 5303 830
    C Max. cutting height5 7506 000
    D Max. dumping height4 0704 310
    D’ Min. dumping height1 7201 430
    E Min. swing radius2 2102 300
    F Max. vertical wall digging depth2 8103 140
    G Front height at Min. swing radius4 3804 380
    H Min. level crowding distance2 0501 880
    I Working radius at Min. swing radius (Max. boom-swing angle)1 7301 810
    J Blade bottom highest position above ground460460
    K Blade bottom lowest position above ground365365
    L/L’ Offset distance (Max. boom-swing angle)690 / 850690 / 850
    Max. boom-swing angle (deg.)80 / 6080 / 60
    Unit: mm
    ZAXIS 55U
    A Distance between tumblers2 000 (1 990)
    B Undercarriage length2 500 (2 490)
    * C Counterweight clearance610 (590)
    D Rear-end swing radius1 100
    D’ Rear-end length1 100
    E Overall width of upperstructure1 850
    F Overall height of cab2 530
    * G Min. ground clearance340 (320)
    H Track gauge1 600
    I Track shoe width400
    J Undercarriage width2 000
    K Overall width (Blade width)2 000
    L Overall length
    With 1.38 m arm5 470
    With 1.69 m arm5 520
    * M Overall height of boom
    With 1.38 m arm1 710
    With 1.69 m arm1 880
    N Track height550 (530)
    O Engine cover-height1 590 (1 570)
    P Horizontal distance to blade1 820
    Q Blade height375
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4
    Arm 1.38 m3*1.26*1.26*1.170.95*0.910.744.69
    counterweight 200 kg1*2.431.32*1.580.89*1.240.65*0.970.635.11
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)*2.561.29*1.690.87*1.130.654.94
    400 mm-1*2.682.51*2.341.29*1.580.86*1.280.754.49
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4
    Arm 1.38 m3*1.26*
    counterweight 200 kg11.621.321.060.890.770.650.750.635.11
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)1.591.291.040.870.780.654.94
    400 mm-1*2.682.511.591.291.040.860.890.754.49
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4*0.990.96*0.78*0.784.40
    Arm 1.69 m3*1.030.950.790.66*0.720.665.03
    counterweight 200 kg11.611.321.050.880.760.640.680.575.41
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)1.561.271.020.850.750.620.700.585.26
    400 mm-1*1.81*1.81*2.28*2.281.561.261.010.840.780.654.84
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4*0.990.96*0.78*0.784.40
    Arm 1.69 m3*1.030.95*0.800.66*0.720.665.03
    counterweight 200 kg1*2.261.32*1.490.88*1.180.64*0.760.575.41
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)*2.521.27*1.640.85*1.230.62*0.870.585.26
    400 mm-1*1.81*1.81*2.28*2.28*2.421.26*1.620.84*1.080.654.84
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4*0.990.94*0.78*0.784.40
    Arm 1.69 m3*1.030.920.760.64*0.720.645.03
    counterweight 200 kg11.561.271.020.850.730.620.650.555.41
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)1.511.230.990.820.720.600.670.565.26
    400 mm-1*1.81*1.81*2.28*2.281.501.220.980.810.750.634.84
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4*0.990.94*0.78*0.784.40
    Arm 1.69 m3*1.030.92*0.800.64*0.720.645.03
    counterweight 200 kg1*2.261.27*1.490.85*1.180.62*0.760.555.41
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)*2.521.23*1.640.82*1.230.60*0.870.565.26
    400 mm-1*1.81*1.81*2.28*2.28*2.421.22*1.620.81*1.080.634.84
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4
    Arm 1.38 m3*1.26*
    counterweight 200 kg11.571.281.030.860.750.630.720.615.11
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)1.531.251.010.840.750.634.94
    400 mm-1*2.682.431.541.251.000.840.860.724.49
    ConditionsLoad point height mLoad radiusAt max. reach
    1.0 m2.0 m3.0 m4.0 m5.0 m
    Boom 2.85 m4
    Arm 1.38 m3*1.26*1.26*1.170.93*0.910.724.69
    counterweight 200 kg1*2.431.28*1.580.86*1.240.63*0.970.615.11
    Rubber shoe0 (Ground)*2.561.25*1.690.84*1.130.634.94
    400 mm-1*2.682.43*2.341.25*1.580.84*1.280.724.49
  • Other features

    Ultimate comfort
    Additional air conditioners ensure that the cabin stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.
    Easily accessible information
    The large multi-function LCD screen provides technical data and is easy to see during the day and at night.
    Enjoy your day
    The new multi-function LCD monitor features a large three and a half inch screen that can be easily seen during bright sunlight or at night. It provides all the vital technical data at a glance including the machine's status and settings, and is within easy reach of your right hand. The proportional switch in the new, optional auxiliary function lever allows for easy control of the front attachment. We wanted to make sure our operators are satisfied with the changes made to the interior on the new ZAXIS mini excavator range because we also see how happy an operator is more productive. Many new developments focused on creating a pleasant working environment. Additional air conditioner vents have been introduced backward so as to help keep the climate from sticking into it, regardless of the weather. Pressure has also increased for the new ZAXIS model allowing dust levels to enter the cab.
    Easy cleaning Support Chain
    A clean machine ensures optimum performance and helps minimize downtime. Hitachi has introduced several new features in the new ZAXIS mini excavator range to help you maintain them in excellent working position and maximize their uptime. Within the cab, the new two-piece floor mat can be easily removed and cleaned. An internal filter has been fitted on the air conditioner allowing dusts and air particles to be effectively captured. To further protect your investment in your new ZAXIS mini excavator, the Hitachi Support Chain after-sales programme gives you the flexibility to create a tailored service plan. These include: Global e-Service, technical support, extended warranty and service contracts as well as parts and newly manufactured components. Each of these items is a link in the chain of services available from Hitachi via your local dealer. For more details, please contact your local dealer.
  • Tables

    Shoe typeShoe widthArm lengthkgkPa(kgf/cm²)
    Rubber shoe400 mm1.38 m5 17029 (0.30)
    1.69 m5 20029 (0.30)
    Grouser shoe400 mm1.38 m5 28030 (0.31)
    1.69 m5 31030 (0.31)
    Pad crawler shoe400 mm1.38 m5 34030 (0.31)
    1.69 m5 37030 (0.31)
    QuantityBoreRod diameterStroke
    Boom195 mm55 mm699 mm
    Arm180 mm50 mm731 mm
    Bucket175 mm45 mm551 mm
    Blade1105 mm50 mm140 mm
    Boom swing190 mm50 mm666 mm
    Shoe typeShoe widthArm lengthkgkPa(kgf/cm²)
    Rubber shoe400 mm1.38 m5 04029 (0.29)
    1.69 m5 07029 (0.29)
    Grouser shoe400 mm1.38 m5 15029 (0.30)
    1.69 m5 18029 (0.30)
    Pad crawler shoe400 mm1.38 m5 21030 (0.30)
    1.69 m5 24030 (0.30)
    Fuel tank 70.0 L
    Engine coolant 4.7 L
    Engine oil 8.6 L
    Travel device (each side) 0.9 L
    Hydraulic system 66.0 L
    Hydraulic oil tank 42.0 L
    Arm length1.38 m1.69 m
    Bucket digging force ISO36.8 kN (3 750 kgf)36.9 kN (3 760 kgf)
    Bucket digging force SAE : PCSA32.1 kN (3 270 kgf)
    Arm crowd force ISO24.0 kN (2 450 kgf)21.0 kN (2 140 kgf)
    Arm crowd force SAE : PCSA22.8 kN (2 330 kgf)20.1 kN (2 050 kgf)
    Sound level in cab according to ISO 6396 LpA 75 dB(A)
    External sound level according to ISO 6395 and
    EU Directive 2000/14/EC LwA96 dB(A)
    Air conditioner
    AM/FM radio
    Anti-slip plate
    Drink holder
    Electric horn
    Floor mat
    Reclining seat
    Retractable seat belt
    ROPS/OPG cab
    Spare power supply
    Suspension seat
    Window washer
    Auxiliary flow rate selectorO
    Auxiliary function lever (AFL)O
    Auxiliary overload relief valveO
    Electric refuel pumpO
    Pilot accumulatorO
    Rearview mirror
    Stack muffler
    Tool box
    200 kg additional counterweight
    Anti-slip plate
    Drink holder
    Electric horn
    Floor mat
    Reclining seat
    Retractable seat belt
    ROPS/OPG canopy
    Spare power supply
    Suspension seat
    Assist pipingO
    Extra piping
    HN bushing
    Hose rupture valveO
    1.38 m arm
    1.69 m arm
    400 mm grouser shoeO
    400 mm pad crawler shoeO
    400 mm rubber shoe
    Auto idle system
    Cartridge-type engine oil filter
    Dust-proof indoor netO
    ECO/PWR mode control
    Electrical fuel feed pump
    Fuel main filter
    Radiator reserve tank
    Water-separator for engine fuel

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