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Founded in 1891, Scania AB is a Swedish company manufacturing commercial vehicles such as heavy trucks and buses and also diesel engines. In 1897, Swedish engineer Gustaf Erikson introduced the first completely Swedish-built car, reaching the first milestone. In 2018, the company employed around 49,000 people worldwide. Since 1912, the head office has been situated in Södertälje, Sweden. Scania has production facilities in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil), Europe (Sweden, France, Netherlands, Poland), Russia and India.

Scania’s logo shows a griffin that comes from the coat of arms of the province of Scania (Swedish: Skåne), referring to the company’s roots in Malmö. New Scania truck range, introduced between 2016 and 2017, features the S-series (long-haulage), R-series (long-haulage), G-series (construction, long-haul), XT-series (construction), P-series (distribution, construction) and L-series (distribution, municipal). All series are equipped with specifically designed cab types.

Scania products

Scania launched the S-series in 2016 as the largest trucks in the range. The S-series trucks are suitable for long-haulage (long-distance transport). These trucks are designed to be aerodynamic, comfortable and spacious. Scania S-series is also engineered to feature striking and straightforward design with robust construction and perform for maximum uptime. Scania S-series trucks can be powered by two Euro 6 engines. The first one is 13-litre 6-cylinder Scania DC13 offering power ratings from 370 to 500 hp with SCR technology.

The second one is 16-litre 8-cylinder Scania V8 engine offering power ratings from 520 to 730 hp with SCR. Depending on the power rating, both engines can run on diesel, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) or biodiesel. Moreover, customers can choose between 8-speed and 12-speed gearboxes. Scania S-series offers wide range of axle configurations; from 4x2 to 6x6 tractor and from 4x2 to 10x4 rigid. Nevertheless, Scania Trucks has put the main focus on the cab. Customers have a choice between S-Sleeper Normal cab (compact, for shorter trips) and S-Sleeper Highline cab (more space, comfort and storage for longer trips). However, both cabs provide extended storage facilities, flat floor, ergonomic features, huge control display, enhanced visibility and safety systems.

Scania S 520 A4x2NA Long Haul Truck

Scania R-series was introduced along with the S-series in 2016. Due to their more compact size, Scania R-series trucks are somewhat like “little brothers” to the S-series as they are also primarily designed for long-haulage. Sturdy Scania R-series trucks are also engineered to provide premium comfort, visibility and control. There are three engine options for the R-series: DC9 engine (5-cylinder, 9-liter, 280-360 hp), DC13 engine (6-cylinder, 13-liter, 370-500 hp) and V8 engine (8-cylinder,16-liter, 520-730 hp). All engines are furnished with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) and can be fuelled by diesel, HVO or biodiesel, depending on power ratings.

Furthermore, Scania trucks customers can choose between 8-speed and 12-speed gearboxes and wide range of axle configurations; from 4x2 to 6x6 tractor and from 4x2 to 10x4 rigid. Scania offers 5 cab types for the R-series trucks in total, including R-Sleeper Low, R-Sleeper Normal cab, R-Sleeper Highline cab, R-Day Low and R-Day Normal. All R-series Scania truck cabs are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for long-distance travel.

Scania R 730 A4x2NA Long Haul Truck

The new generation Scania G-series was launched in 2017. The G-series trucks offer improved driveability and visibility making them optimal for off-road applications in construction sector. Nevertheless, they can be used similarly to R-series and S-series in long-haul. Scania G-series trucks feature lots of interior and exterior options for smarter driving thus offering maneuverability. Scania G-series trucks are powered either by 9-litre 5-cylinder DC9 engines (280-360 hp) or 13-litre 6-cylinder DC13 engines (370-600 hp). Both engines are equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and fuelled by diesel or HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). There is also an option for 410 hp gas engine.

Scania G-series trucks can be equipped either with 8-speed or 12-speed gearboxes. Customers can choose from a wide range of axle configurations; 4x2 to 6x6 tractor and 4x2 to 10x4 rigid. Scania G-series trucks are produced with 6 cab types for various applications: Sleeper Low, Sleeper Normal, Sleeper Highline, Short, Day Low and Day Normal. There are also Scania smart safety systems available for the G-series featuring the electronic stability program (ESP), lane departure warning (LDW

Scania G 360 B8x4NA Tipper Truck

The XT-range of robust heavy-duty Scania trucks was launched in 2017, becoming the first individual tailor-made construction model. The XT models are suitable for tough challenges and conditions while distinguished by orange and black colours. The XT is currently the strongest Scania truck, featuring improved uptime, endurance and all-round visibility. Scania XT-series trucks offer wide range of tailored features such as headlamp protection, toughened skid plate with light guards, 150mm high heavy-duty protruding steel bumper (protective for the components at the front of the vehicle), ribbed rear-view mirrors, easily accessible tow pin capable of pulling 40 tons (strongest on the market), slip proof steps, electronic hand-brake with enhanced hill-hold, XT-branded seats and interior, ergonomically designed dashboard or high air intake, supplying the engine with clear air (Standart/Heavy Duty version).

Scania XT-series trucks can be equipped with complete range of Scania Euro 6 engines rated from 220 to 730 hp — DC7, DC9, DC13 and V8. Moreover, both 8-speed and 12-speed gearboxes feature Scania Opticruise technology, offering four driving modes — Normal, Power, Economy and Offroad — for maximum fuel efficiency. Last but not least, Scania XT-series trucks are compatible with entire Scania cab-range, including the P-series, G-series, R-series and S-series sleeper and short/day cabs.

In 2017, Scania introduced the P-series trucks with low weight cab, designed for optimal air flow. The P-series trucks feature the most versatile cab-range with optimal visibility and driveability, making them ideal for urban and regional distribution or even construction. Other suitable applications are emergency, waste handling and recycling or airport support. Scania P-series trucks provide quiet (cab is reducing vibrations) and safe design (e.g. the city safe window down on the passenger’s door). Other features include smart storage facilities bringing premium storage for additional equipment and belongings or integrated extra lighting for better visibility.

Scania P-series trucks can be equipped with wide range of Euro 6 engines with power ratings from 220 to 500 hp. These are the DC7, DC9, DC13 engines (7/9/13 litre) with SCR technology. The 9-litre DC9 engines rated at 280 and 340 hp are also offered in gas version. Furthermore, Scania offers complete range of axle configurations (4x2 to 10x4) and the choice between 8-speed and 12-speed gearboxes. Moreover, Customers can choose from 6 cab types in total, including P-Short, P-Day (Low, Normal) and P-Sleeper (Low, Normal, Highline) cabs.

Introduced in 2017, Scania L-series trucks are mostly suitable for distribution and municipal sector. The design of Scania L-series trucks is optimised for air flow and urban driving as the city traffic requires many starts and stops. The tractor provides improved visibility, low-entry steps and easy cross-cab access. Moreover, the front air suspension will drop 100 mm immediately after the parking brake is applied, further simplifying the act of boarding the truck. Scania offers three types of Day cabs for the L-series: Low, Normal and High. There is also an option for two extra passenger seats in the centre of the cab and city safe window on the passenger’s door. All cabs are furnished with ergonomic environment providing increased productivity and efficiency.

Scania L-series trucks are powered by 9-litre 5-cylinder DC9 engines rated from 280 to 360 hp, consuming 4% less fuel than the preceding engine generation. Depending on customer’s choice, the DC9 engines with SCR are fuelled by diesel, HVO or biodiesel. Moreover, the 280 and 340 hp engines also feature gas variant. Similarly to other Scania truck series, customers can choose between 8-speed and 12-speed gearboxes and from 4x2 to 6x4 axle configurations in order to perfectly match their needs.

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