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    Lectura specs Construction machinery Attachments Attachments Caterpillar

    Caterpillar Attachments Valuation

    Whether you want to buy or sell a Caterpillar Attachments, we'll calculate a fair price for you.

    LECTURA Valuation

    Valuate your machine like 7.382 people before you. Limit your risk and negotiate with confidence!

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    What can LECTURA Valuation do?


    LECTURA Valuation

    The LECTURA Valuation tool lets you evaluate machines and determine their residual value. It provides all the technical data you need about the selected model, along with pictures and other important documents. Its database holds over 80.000 models of all kinds of heavy machinery and helps you to get to the information you need right here, when you need it.

    LECTURA Valuation example

    Technical specs and documentation

    Technical specs and documentation

    Looking for a particular technical parameter? Find general information about every single model on the LECTURA Valuation website, including standard and special equipment. Quickly check a spec online or download a PDF of the original technical documentation for quick reference later. All information provided in multiple languages.

    Technical specs and documentation example

    Price development analysis

    Price development analysis

    Wouldn’t it be great to know what the price of a machine is going to be like a couple months from now? Well, LECTURA Valuation can help you do just that! Our ever-expanding database is not only able to calculate the residual value for machines up to 20 years old, but it can even estimate their future price development.

    Price development analysis example

    Listing & auction results

    Listing & auction results

    Want to maximize your confidence before making the decision to buy or sell a machine? We can help there, too! The LECTURA Valuation tool gives you access to literally hundreds of thousands of listings and auction results for real machines. With so much information at your fingertips, being absolutely certain about the value of a machine has never been easier!

    Listing & auction results example

    Weekly updates

    Weekly updates

    From construction to agriculture and everything in between, our database is constantly being updated with about 10,000 new listings and auction results each week. With over 250,000 heavy machinery listings and auction results at your fingertips, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most current information out there.

    Weekly updateWeekly updatess example

    We helped many people

    "I am convinced, that LECTURA is a realistic support for the evaluation of used machinery. This as price orientation as well as a database of technical specification. I am using LECTURA serveral times every day."
    Gerhard Ohlig, Bobcat Bensheim GmbH & Co. KG
    "The LECTURA System has been an indespensable, easy-to-use tool for accessing new and used prices for construction and agricultural machinery."
    Martin Deiters, LVM Warenwirtschaft Versicherungsverein Münster a.G.
    "My colleague and I have been using the LECTURA system for a while now and I can only confirm, that it is a very helpful tool for us, which makes valuating equipemnt easy for us. I can only recommend LECTURA Valuation."
    Robert Thoma, Zürn GmbH & Co. KG
    "LECTURA delivers most valuable services to our technical insurance business every day."
    Thilo Bleidt, Württembergische Versicherung AG
    "I can access comprehensive pricing and technical information quickly, easily and 24/7 as well as individually valuate machines with the LECTURA system."
    Detlef Pollok, Sachverständigenbüro Dipl.-Ing. (FH) D. Pollok
    "The LECTURA provides me witht reliable pricing information and lots of other data about used equipment."
    Wolfgang Burghard, Fischer und Schweiger GmbH

    Valuate your machine like 7.382 people before you. Limit your risk and negotiate with confidence!

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