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Palme Tandem Vibration Rollers Spare parts

Enquire thousands spare parts for Palme Tandem Vibration Rollers from dealers worldwide. Get hydraulics, engine parts, filters, sealings and many more parts for Palme PDR600S, PDR600, PDR1200i, PDR600Z, PDR650 Tandem Vibration Rollers of almost all years of manufacture easily. Save your time and increase chance of locating right part in time at the best price. All of this free of charge!

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Part requests for Tandem Vibration Rollers

Bitelli DTV 315 S (1996-2010)

owners manual service manual serial#118010308

weber mt DVH 550 L (1995-2010)

Fuel filter front end part don’t know the year of this machine I have both the engine numbers and vin numbers for the machine

Case 252 (1990-2022)

looking for drum brake / lights/ weight/ and available parts

Bomag BW 120 AD-3 (1997-2003)


Vibromax W 265* (1999-2005)

Rubber,buffer Jkc5309107

Wacker RD 25 (1998-2004)

electrical circuit board

Hamm HD 14 VV (2007-2009)

front left hydro. unit that mount on the front barrell. I had mine repaired before and it was never right. The roller brakes would lock up at times and also it started leaking real bad so I looking for a new or good used unit. The other three units have never given my any problems.

Doosan DX-500E (2012-2017)

Replacement drum rollers

Bomag BW 80 AD-5 (2011-2018)


Hamm HD 14 VV (2010-2022)

vib motor coupling

Benford TV 1200 (1995-2004)

Hydraulic cooling fan

Bomag BW 154 AD-4 AM (2008-2013)

We need hydraulic pump repair spare parts kit

Bomag BW 151 AD-2 (1995-2003)

Front water tank

Case 752 (1990-2022)

Selinoid coil

Bomag BW 80 AD (1995-1995)


XGMA XG6011D (2017-2021)

Hello. I have (XGMA -XG6011D) roller and want to buy a part of the wheel of the machine. I am not sure about the name of the part but it looks like rubber. I attached to you links for some pics for this part. Please check the images and let me know about the price for it ( I need 5 pieces ) and also want to know the shipping cost for Saudi Arabia. https://ibb.co/PCKF9BV https://ibb.co/vX6rv6H https://ibb.co/3F0HF79 https://ibb.co/sC3Fhnx https://ibb.co/fYfNRmC https://ibb.co/bdHYNwZ https://ibb.co/sys3yD3 https://ibb.co/L8vN95B Thanks and waiting for your reply.

Vibromax W 252 B (1987-1995)

Drum slew bearing

JCB-Vibromax VMT 850 (2007-2009)

Hi, We would be pleased to receive your quotation as per the below: Re: Price Inquiry ref. SPR AMY – 5175479 – SPARE PARTS FOR JCB MAKE: JCB - MODEL: VMT-850 - S/No: PUNVT850C81605006 Item No. Item Description Mfr No. Quoted Qty. UoM 1 Gasket (Jcb) 4010/13517 1 Pcs 2 Water Tank Cover(Jcb) 4010/13516 1 Pcs 3 Bar Stripper (JCB) 7160/33050 2 Pcs 4 Filter (Jcb) 850/E40017 2 Pcs 5 Nut (Jcb) 850/E40019 2 Pcs 6 Tab (Jcb) 2531/00005 2 Pcs 7 Nozzle, Water (Jcb) 2526/00200 14 pcs 8 Nut (Jcb) 2526/00201 14 Pcs 9 Gasket (Jcb) 2526/00202 14 Pcs 10 Throttle Lever (Jcb) 850/020001 1 Pcs 11 Working Light, Front/Rear (Jcb) 40/302608 4 pcs 12 Combination Lamp, Rear LH (Jcb) 40/302604 1 pcs 13 Lamp (Jcb) 40/302605 1 Pcs 14 Light (Jcb) 40/302148 2 Pcs 15 Horn (Jcb) 40/300611 1 Pcs 16 Gasket Kit (Jcb) 4010/10010 2 Kit 17 Mounting (Jcb) 115/B20042 4 Pcs 18 Air Outlet Hose (Jcb) 850/K30016 1 Pcs 19 Plastic Washer (Jcb) 2113/00710 52 Pcs 20 Ring Seal (Jcb) 2771/01519 4 pcs 21 Cap (Jcb) 2515/03110 4 Pcs 22 Roller (Jcb) 4010/20013 4 Pcs 23 Knob (Jcb) 2746/00040 1 Pcs 24 Steering Column (Jcb) 4012/54023 1 Pcs 25 Water Pump (Jcb) 2532/00020 1 pcs 26 Rubber Seal 305mm (Jcb) 2782/01007 14 Pcs 27 Reverse Light Switch (Jcb) 8105/00003 1 Pcs 28 Neutral Switch (Jcb) 4010/16996 1 Pcs 29 Water Sprinkler Switch (Jcb) 850/C10033 1 Pcs 30 Engine Stop Cable (Jcb) 850/020002 1 Pcs 31 Air Cleaner Assembly (Jcb) 332/Y3438 1 Pcs PLEASE NOTE: all offers & shipping documents will be on NATRA S.V. Avenue Louise 283 box Brussels Avi shitrit Natra SA Avenue Louise 283, Box 8 1050 Brussels Belgium + 32 2 644.36.44 Direct: + 32 2 669.82.83 WhatsApp +972544516287 avis@sccnig.com or shanshan.yao@natra-sa.be

Hamm HD 10 VV (2010-2022)

wire hjarness

Atlas Copco LP 6505 (2015-2018)

Gear Box, Handle , Maintenance kit, Lub Oil.