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The company MAN Truck & Bus AG, currently headquartered in Munich, was founded in 1915 in Lindau, Germany. In 1924, MAN introduced the world’s first vehicle with diesel fuel injection. In 1965, MAN celebrated reaching the milestone of 100,000 manufactured trucks. Contemporary history has been written since 2000, when MAN introduced the TG-range and launched the first series of heavy-duty model TGA. Five years later, in 2005, MAN presented the TGL and TGM; the new series of trucks suitable for distribution and construction sectors due to their lightweight construction and maneuverability. In 2007, MAN discontinued the TGA series and replaced it with two new heavy-duty truck series; the TGS and TGX, suitable for international long-haul transportation and construction. In 2012, MAN presented its new flagship truck TGX D38 and engine (up to 640 hp), nevertheless, the TG-range of trucks is still being modified, upgraded, optimised and redesigned.

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MAN introduced the TGX truck in 2007 and nicknamed it “The Economical One”, due to its relatively low fuel consumption. The tonnage of TGX trucks ranges from 18 to 41 tons and they are standardly designed for heavy-duty national and long-haul international transport or eventually construction sector as they provide variable drive concepts. MAN TGX are robust and reliable trucks offered in semitrailer, chassis or tipper concepts with 2,3 or 4-axles. They can be equipped with MAN D1556, MAN D2676 and MAN D3879 — Euro 6 engines. MAN D1556 engine is rated at 243-294 kW (330-400 hp) with a displacement of 9 l. MAN D2676 engine provides 309-368 kW (420-500 hp) of power, displacement of 12,4 l and saves about 2,5 % of fuel in comparison to its predecessor.

The most powerful engine is in-line six-cylinder MAN D3876, rated at 397-471 kW (540-640 hp) with a displacement of 15,2 l and engine torque of 3000 Nm. MAN D3876 engine consumes 1,9 % less fuel compared to its predecessor and is able to carry payload up to 120 tons. MAN offers the XXL, XLX and XL cabs for TGX trucks. All the cabs are meant to be spacious with high-quality interior design. MAN TGX trucks come with a wide range of efficiency systems, such as the TipMatic® gearbox with SmartShifting switching function and the HydroDrive®, increasing the driving comfort. There is also a range of safety and assistance systems such as the multifunction steering wheel, adaptive cruise control (ACC), electronic stability program (ESP) or lane guard system (LGS). Moreover, MAN offers specific modifications of the TGX truck such as the LION PRO Edition, LION PRO 640, D38 (powered by MAN D3876) and EfficientLine 3 with reduced fuel consumption by 6,35 % compared to the previous TGX EfficientLine 2 truck.

MAN TGX 28.540 Long Haul Truck

MAN TGS truck was launched in 2007 as “The Assertive One”. It is a robust all-rounder and heavy-duty specialist available in 2-axles, 3-axles and 4-axles versions of semitrailer, chassis and tipper modifications. MAN TGS truck offers the combination of high payload with powerful engine and wide range of drive configurations suitable for 18 to 41 tonnes. Therefore, MAN TGS can be fulfilling various tasks including distribution, long-haul, construction sites, municipal traffic and special applications. MAN TGS trucks are powered by MAN D1556 or MAN D2676 engines rated at 243-294 kW/330-400 hp (D1556) and 309-368 kW/420-500 hp (D2676). Both engines meet Euro 6 requirements and provide 2,5% fuel saving in comparison to previous models.

Moreover, MAN TGS trucks provide body-friendly frame design, lightweight construction, revised bumper (protection against heating), variable axle load ration for optimal traction and spacious and modern cabs with HD LCD display and digital networking system. MAN offers the M, L and LX cabs for TGS trucks. It is a matter of course, similarly to other MAN TG series, that TGS trucks are equipped with safety and driver assistance systems and efficiency systems such as sustained action braking system (EVB), tyre pressure monitoring (TPM), digital axle load system, auto-gearshift system and, not least, MAN HydroDrive® selectable front-axle drive for greater traction when required. MAN also offers the TGS WW truck, configured for challenging applications in harsh environment such as large mines.     

MAN TGS 41.500 8x8 Tipper Truck

MAN TGM was introduced in 2005 as “The All-rounder” truck. It is a versatile truck mostly suitable for distribution (e.g. liquid and gases, food and beverages, cargo) and construction sector (as a tipper or concrete mixer), but also for medium to heavy duty traction haulage. MAN TGM truck offers high transport capacity, reliability on roads, high payload thanks to the low unladen weight and body-friendly frame design. The gross weight of MAN TGM ranges from 23 to 26 tons. Its lightweight construction features weight-optimised front axle with new Z-forged section of the axle body reducing the axle weight, which means increased payload.

MAN TGM comes with a range of axle configurations ranging from 4x4 to 6x4 (2-axle or 3-axle). The power is delivered by a new generation of 6-cylinder MAN D0836 engines rated at 184-235 kW (250-320 hp), consuming 5% less fuel compared to their predecessors and being Euro 6 compliant. MAN TGM truck features striking design with aerodynamic silhouette and optimised driver’s workplace inside the cab, being compatible with the C, L, LX and the crew cab types. Moreover, MAN TGM truck is equipped with innovative technologies such as electronic braking system (EBS), anti-slip control (ACS) and electronic stability programme (ESP).

MAN TGM 18.290 4x2 Tipper Truck

MAN TGL truck joined the TG-range in 2005, being nicknamed as “The Maneuverable One”. MAN TGL is a versatile truck suitable mostly for distribution and municipal application (e.g. cold storage, furniture transport, food and beverages) in heavy inner city traffic, due to low loading level and dynamic design. Other possible applications are narrow construction site transportation (tipper) and even short-haul (volume, liquids and gases transport). MAN TGL trucks also feature high payload and high loading capacity (the tonnage ranges from 7,49 to 12 tons), lightweight construction, robust and body-friendly chassis with 2 axles and short wheelbase configuration, which leads to maximum maneuverability and reliability.

MAN TGL trucks are powered by Euro 6 compliant MAN D0834 and MAN D0836 engines rated at 118-162 kW/160-220 hp (D0834) and 184 kW/250 hp (D0836), consuming 5% less fuel compared with the previous generation. The cab of MAN TGL truck is driver-friendly as it is furnished with practical improvements from 2018. MAN offers 4 types of cab compatible with the TGL model — the C, L, LX and the crew cab — as well as safety and driver assistance systems for maximum comfort while travelling.

MAN TGL 12.250 4x2 Tipper Truck

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