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    Lectura specs Aerial work platform Trailer mounted telescopic work platforms Trailer mounted telescopic work platforms parts

    Trailer mounted telescopic work platforms Spare parts

    From the smallest nut to the complete chassis find all parts for your Trailer mounted telescopic work platforms worldwide. Get wheels, electrics, filters, tires, interior parts and many other parts for Dino Lift, OMMELIFT, Denka-Lift - Rothlehner, TEUPEN, Colombo Giuseppe Trailer mounted telescopic work platforms easily. Save your time and increase chance of locating right part in time. All of this free of charge!

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    Part requests for Trailer mounted telescopic work platforms


    Levelling hoses for working basket

    DINO Lift ® Dino 180 XT (1999-2014)

    Manual jack lift on the tongue.

    OMMELIFT Omme 2100 EB (2000-2002)

    Chain connecting part

    Herkules - Lift T 16 (1997-2004)

    Hi I need a electric wiring diagram for this lift. The lift stoped suddenly and there is no lamps or nothing that starts. There is power from battery in to the relay box.

    Denka-Lift - Rothlehner DL 21 (1999-2019)

    Electric hydraulic engine that hold basket in horizontal position.

    Simon RTZ 210 (1992-1996)

    I have lost the key to a Simon RTZ 210 and need a new set of these, dont know if its universal or specific for each one, if its specific i need the ignition lock. I need price incl shipping to sweden. Best regards Bo Sonesson

    Herkules - Lift T 20* (1997-2004)


    DINO Lift ® Dino 260XTD (2000-2019)


    DINO Lift ® Dino 180 XT (1999-2014)


    DINO Lift ® Dino 180 XT (1999-2014)

    DINO Lift ® Dino 210 XT (1997-2014)

    4CA9843 joystick

    Simon RTZ 210 (1992-1996)

    Bigend Bearing

    Herkules - Lift T 16 (1987-1998)

    Hi i need the manual for this lift, or most imporant electric skematics. is parts for this lift avaleble i will need parts aswell but a manual first if it exist.

    Denka-Lift - Rothlehner DL 25 (1996-2017)

    Please quote chains 1. 121010 N 399+2 2. 1266 365+2 3. 1245 351+2 4. 1245 N 381+2 5. 1223 N 379+2 6. 1223 N 399+2

    Dexter Dexter 15 Z (1991-2003)

    Parts cataloge for this lift?

    Simon RTZ 155 (1988-1995)

    Hey! I need a electric engine to the hudraulic pump. It`s a 24V engine to a RTZ-155 eurolift.but i couldnt´t find the modell on eurolift but on simon and hope it`s the same.

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