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4469 H Nokka (1999-2004) Timber loading cranes Spare parts

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Part requests for Timber loading cranes

Cranab CRF 8 Combi (2001-2005)

I would need the stem which attaches to the lower base and the main boom

Nokka 2551 (1996-2008)

I am looking for a small fitting that connects one of the levers for operating the hydraulics to the sliding valve in the box that the hydraulic fluid transfers through. I can send you a photograph of the fitting. The Model is a Nokka 1036.

PENZ 9100 H (1996-2003)

I do not know the Part No.

Patu 545 A (2000-2002)

cylinder seal kits

Patruuna 866 Farmer (2000-2022)

Forest crane on 8t trailer

Nokka 3955 H (1997-2004)

rebuilt valve assy.

Patu 577 A (2000-2002)

Hydraulic seal kit for pivot

Jonsered J 1080 DT (2008-2016)

Boom extension sliders - I need parts diagrams for this unit please.

Loglift F 61 FT 85 (1996-2001)


Cranab Cranab 660 Combi (1996-2001)


Nokka HK 3970H

hello! we need a rack for this crane. is it possible to offer?

Patruuna 866 Farmer (2000-2022)

forestry crane on 8t trailer

Cranab CRF 7 Combi (2001-2005)

Also i need 2 bussning and 2 axialbricka part no; 9610103 ;4879628 ; please send me price. Thank you!

Nokka 3453 L 4 (2001-2008)

Cyl Barrel

Patruuna 866 Farmer (2000-2022)

Forest crane on 8t trailer

Patruuna 866 Farmer (2000-2022)

Forest crane on 8t trailer

Patu 655 A (2000-2003)

Valve bank

Nokka 2551 (1996-2008)

alumiumin casin on joystick,(item on 070389 item 10 )i think sn 1733 ,year 98

Nokka 3955 H (1997-2004)

rebuilt valve assembly

Jonsered J 890 (1996-2001)

Lever of foot pedal that are mounted in the F130 control valve. It´s a cubic piece that connect the spool, the valve lever and the foot pedal. I have pictures of this part. I don't have serial number. The crane is equipped with top seat in column.