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Vitasem 251 A Pöttinger (2006-2009) Sowing machines Spare parts

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Part requests for Sowing machines

Fiona SD 977-3,0 (2005-2012)

Kuhn Premia 4000-32 SL (2010-2022)

Main computer

Kuhn Premia 4000-32 MD (2010-2020)

Fiona Grassbag 2,5 SI (2012-2014)

Drill tubes

Fiona Grassbag 3,0 SI (2012-2014)

Nylon thread that holds seed adjuster

Fiona seedcom supernova 4.0

need seed disc housing it is from plastic and is attached with two screvs to seed tube seed drill is aproximetly 2009 year maybe younger Thanks and iI hope you can help me

Fiona Grassbag 3,0 SI (2012-2014)

I'm looking for the plastic gear that sets the seed rate

Fiona Grassbag 3,0 SI (2012-2014)

Drive gears 30-30 in housing plastic

Fiona SD 977-4,0 (2005-2012)

Gearbox cover

Fiona SD 977-4,0 (2005-2012)

Gearbox cover

Fiona Apollo 3,0 DR (2005-2014)

Chain guard

Fiona Euro 3,0 DR (2005-2014)

3 finger attachment for small seed

Fiona Grassbag 3,0 SI (2012-2014)

Nylon thread that holds seed adjuster

Kuhn Planter 3 M (2014-2017)


Fiona Grassbag 3,0 SI (2012-2014)

Hexagonshaped Plastic shaft that goes onto the box barrow auger and slides into the cog on the chain drive to the ensure the auger rotates when wheel rotates

Fiona Apollo 2,5 SR (2005-2014)

Grain meter wheels

Rabe MegaSeed 6002 K2 (2000-2016)

Speed radar

Fiona Orion 4,0 XR (2005-2014)

Hello, i need spear parts for my Fiona Orion XR - Part.number 2.113.387 z30/z30 and 2.113.512 z21/z17

NBL86GNUSCH www.yandex.ru NBL86GNUSCH www.yandex.ru

NBL86GNUSCH www.yandex.ru

Fiona Grassbag 3,0 SI (2012-2014)

Fiona grassbox. Part needed - Seed rate adjuster unit. (All Nylon wheel unit) Seedbox type; Grassba6 3M NR. H008020