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    World’s Top 10 largest hydraulic excavators used in 2019

    By Patrik Eder · November 20, 2019

    This article sums up 10 biggest hydraulic excavators in the world used in 2019. Excavators are versatile machines suitable for large range of jobs such as excavating, mining and digging, which makes them the core of every heavy machinery fleet. The list of world’s largest excavators is based on their operating weight. 

    1. Caterpillar 6090 FS - 1000 t (1102 US t)

    2. Bucyrus RH400/Terex O&K RH 400 - 980 t (1080 US t)

    3. Hitachi EX8000-6 - 837 t (923 US t)

    4. Liebherr R9800 - 810 t (893 US t)

    5. Komatsu PC8000-11 - 773 t (850 US t)

    6. Demag H740 OS - 744 t (820 US t)

    7. Komatsu PC7000-11 - 692 t (758 US t)

    8. Liebherr R 996 B - 676 t (745 US t)

    9. Caterpillar 6060/6060 FS - 570 t (628 US t)

    10. Komatsu PC5500-6 - 552 t (608 US t)

    The successor and upgraded version of Komatsu PC5500 is the tenth biggest excavator in our list. Komatsu PC5500-6 mining excavator is available in two configurations, as a loading shovel or backhoe. The heavier backhoe version weighs 552 tons and offers tear-out force of 1326 kN. Hydraulic crawler excavator PC5500-6 is powered by two Komatsu SDA12V159E-2 Tier 2 engines, each rated at 940 kW (1260 HP). The machine is over 12 m long and 8 m high with backhoe capacity of 29 m3. Komatsu has sold more than 170 units of the PC5500-6 worldwide, making it quite popular model, especially on large jobsites in North America.

    Operating weight 533–552 ton
    Engine power 2x 940 kW / 1260 HP
    Shovel capacity 29 m³ / 38 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 29 m³ / 38 yd3
    Breakout force 1870 kN
    Number nine in our list of the largest excavators in the world belongs to Caterpillar 6060, also available with the front shovel attachment as CAT 6060FS. The concept of this large mining excavator is based on Bucyrus RH340, a previous Caterpillar’s flagship obtained after the acquisition of Bucyrus International in 2010. Caterpillar’s large mining excavator is equipped with 34 m3 bucket that is designed to fully load 220 t dump trucks such as CAT 793D and CAT 793F in exactly 4 passes. The required power to move the 6060/6060FS is delivered by two CAT 3512C engines rated at 1120 kW (1500 HP). This model has been marked as the  top-selling Caterpillar mining excavator.
    Operating weight 569–570 ton
    Engine power 2x 1120 kW / 1500 HP
    Shovel capacity 34 m³ / 44.5 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 34 m³ / 44.5 yd3
    Breakout force 1740 kN
    The R 996 B is Liebherr’s second largest mining excavator, however, it is just the eighth biggest excavator in the world according to our list. The machine, weighing up to 676 tons, is powered by two Cummins K1800E engines of total 2240 kW/3000 HP. The digging force is 1535 kN provided by backhoe of 36 m3 capacity. Liebherr R 996 B is designed for the most challenging missions as it can be equipped with optional arctic kit for regions with temperature down to -50 °C / -58 °F. Nevertheless, one can also find the R 966 B crawler excavators at coal mines in Australia and Indonesia, where the conditions are much warmer.
    Operating weight 672–676 ton
    Engine power 2x 1120 kW / 1500 HP
    Shovel capacity 36 m³ / 44.5 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 36 m³ / 47.1 yd3
    Breakout force 1930 kN

    Komatsu PC7000-11 is the latest hydraulic excavator in Komatsu’s product range and the seventh biggest excavator in the world. It is based on PC 7000-6, however, the newer dash 11 version features up-to-date electronics and electro-hydraulic controls. The latest technology includes the Komtrax Plus 2 and Simplified System. Komatsu also focuses on operation monitoring and big data analysis, both available for the operator/mine manager. This giant is powered by two 16-cylinder Tier 2 diesel engines that are rated 2x 1250 kW/1675 HP. The first ever PC7000-11 model was shipped to a gold mine in Argentina in February 2019. The machine was then assembled on site—the process took over 4 weeks.

    Operating weight 676–694 ton
    Engine power 2x 1250 kW / 1675 HP
    Shovel capacity 36 m³ / 47 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 36 m³ / 47 yd3
    Breakout force 2086 kN
    The sixth world’s largest excavator in our list is Demag H740 OS. Specially designed for KMC Mining, this machine has been in service since 1999—operating at oil sands in Alberta, Canada. The Demag H740 OS is a front-shovel hydraulic crawler excavator with loading capacity of 40 m3. The operator does not need to worry about the lack of digging power as the excavator offers 2320 kN of breakout force. Demag H740 OS is powered by two 16-  cylinder CAT 3516B DITA diesel engines that provide 3280 kW/4000 HP in total.
    Operating weight 744 ton
    Engine power 2x 1640 kW / 2000 HP
    Shovel capacity 40 m³ / 52.3 yd3
    Breakout force 2320 kN
    Komatsu PC8000 is the world’s fifth largest hydraulic excavator and the biggest mining excavator in the Japanese manufacturer’s product portfolio. Komatsu has recently introduced a new version called PC 8000-11, which is based on popular PC 8000-6. This giant is offered in both backhoe and front shovel configuration, weighing up to 773 tons. The PC8000-11 is, similarly to PC7000-11, equipped with the latest electronics and telematics by Komatsu. It is able to digg 8 m deep and provide tear-out force of 1813 kN. The 42 m3 backhoe/shovel are designed to match 240-400 U.S. ton trucks. The power to move this large excavator is distributed via two Komatsu Tier 2 (choice of Tier 4) diesel engines of total 3000 kW/4020 HP.
    Operating weight 752–773 ton
    Engine power 2x 1640 kW / 2000 HP
    Shovel capacity 42 m³ / 55 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 42 m³ / 55 yd3
    Breakout force 2331 kN
    Developed for large-scale operations, Liebherr R9800 is the fourth largest hydraulic excavator in the world. The colossus is offered with backhoe or shovel attachment and weighs up to 810 tons. The R9800 excavator is designed to pair with T 264 and T 284 Liebherr mining trucks in order to maximize its productivity. It can be equipped with a diesel engine or an electric drive version of 2984 kW/4000 HP maximum power. The digging force of the backhoe is 1760 kN. The R9800 features the Litronic Plus power management system providing electronic control over different machine functions.
    Operating weight 800–810 ton
    Engine power 2x 1492 kW / 2000 HP
    Shovel capacity 42 m³ / 54.9 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 47.5 m³ / 62.1 yd3
    Breakout force 2395 kN
    Hitachi states that one-third of all hydraulic mining excavators across the world are Hitachi. Launched in 2012, the EX8000-6 is the largest Hitachi mining excavator and the third biggest excavator in the world, weighing up to 837 tons. The durable machine can be fitted with 40 m3 load shovel or 43 m3 backhoe bucket, which are designed to load Hitachi EH4000AC-3 dump truck in three passes or the largest Hitachi dump truck EH5000AC-3 in five passes. The EX8000-6 is equipped with two Cummins QSK60C engines, each rated at 1450 kW/1944 HP. The excavator features maximum digging depth of 13.8 m and digging force of 2230 kN.
    Operating weight 825–837 ton
    Engine power 2x 1450 kW / 1944 HP
    Shovel capacity 40 m³ / 55.3 yd3
    Backhoe capacity 43 m³ / 56.2 yd3
    Breakout force 2230 kN

    The RH 400 is currently the second largest hydraulic excavator in the world. The behemoth was first launched as Terex RH 400 in Germany in 1997. Just one year later, Terex acquired the O&K Mining and added its company name into the model name. However, Terex sold its mining division to Bucyrus in 2010 and the model was renamed to Bucyrus RH 400. The excavator is able to scoop up around 9900 tons of material every hour, setting a new world record for a hydraulic mining excavator. The 50 m3 shovel is over 6 m wide, weighs 84 tons and is able to hold 85 tons of material in a single scoop, which can easily fill any mining truck in 3-5 passes. The RH 400 is powered by two engines with total 3360 kW/4500 HP and it requires 6 car-batteries just to start the engines that produce max. travel speed of 2,2 km/h.

    Operating weight 980 ton
    Engine power 2x 1680 kW / 2250 HP
    Shovel capacity 50 m³ / 65.4 yd3
    Breakout force 2400 kN

    The world's largest excavator is currently Caterpillar 6090 FS. The model is based on Bucyrus RH400, because Bucyrus was purchased by Caterpillar in 2011, expanding its mining division. However, the 6090 FS features more durable components, hardened undercarriage, enhanced oil-flow system and hydraulics, better customer service support, LED working lights for night shifts or innovative on-board electronics. The weight of Cat 6090 FS mining excavator reaches an incredible 1000 tons. The goliath is equipped with two Cummins QSK60 engines, rated at 3360 kW/4500 HP in total. The 52 m3 bucket has payload of 93,6 tons and it takes just 4 passes to load the largest Caterpillar dump truck, the 797.

    Operating weight 1000 ton
    Engine power 2x 1680 kW / 2250 HP
    Shovel capacity 52 m³ / 68 yd3
    Breakout force 2400 kN

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