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Wolffkran 7532.16 cross crane - load chart, specs (2007 - 2023)

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Manufactured by Wolff, this is the 7532.16 cross tower crane - trolley boom - top-slewing. Find and download detailed specs and da... Read more

Manufactured by Wolff, this is the 7532.16 cross tower crane - trolley boom - top-slewing. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here.

The 7532.16 cross is categorised in the biggest machine segment in the tower crane - trolley boom - top-slewing category. 75m is the maximum length of the standard boom for the 7532.16 cross crane. The Wolff 7532.16 cross can carry up to 16.5t. 24.6m is the reach of 7532.16 cross when lifting the maximum load. It is safe to lift 3.2t at the crane's maximum reach. As stated in model specifications, the nominal torque is 4060. The max. Hook height is 64.1m. The Wolff 7532.16 cross datasheet states the crane is equipped with a 75kW hoist unit.

The Wolff 7532.16 cross has been equipped and sold with Cross girder and Add. Ballast. Cabin, Rail carrier and Climbing device are not provided on this model as of 2018. Get the original Wolff 7532.16 cross datasheet for even more detailed specifications and machine details. Available in German, English and French, LECTURA Specs offers a free download of highly detailed specifications and machine descriptions of this model.

This model can be acquired for a list price between €870,000 and €1,107,000. Production of the 7532.16 cross in 2018. As of 2018 the 7532.16 cross is still produced, with a list price between €870,000 and €1,107,000.

The 7532.16 cross Wolff can be compared to several models from other manufacturers. The closest tower cranes - trolley boom - top-slewing based on specification and pricing are the Terex Peiner SK 505-F-Ts 213.1, Wilbert WT 420 e.Tronic and Wilbert WT 420 e.Tronic. Ranked in the LECTURA index at #141, this 7532.16 cross tower crane - trolley boom - top-slewing has models that date from 2007 to 2018. Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest Wolff 7532.16 cross specs data sheet on LECTURA Specs today!

Technical specs - 7532.16 cross Wolffkran


Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.Contact our team with any change suggestion.

  • Nominal torque 4060 kNm
  • Max. load 16.5 t
  • max. reach 75 m
  • Load at max. Reach 3.2 t
  • Reach at max. Load 24.6 m
  • max. standard boom 75 m
  • min. luffing jib 30 m
  • max. hook height 64.1 m
  • Ropes 2/4
  • max. hoisting speed 170 m/min
  • Tower system UV/TV 20
  • Drive system 875 FU
  • Connection load 96 KVA
  • Hoist unit 75 kW
  • Model series cross

More technical details, like: max. luffing jib, tower height are available in the full technical specs.

If alignment change (2/4) is possible, the loads for quadruple alignment applies. In case of crane on anchor bolt, the anchor is not included in base price. Incl. concrete ballast, crane control and spindles with plates (latter not valid with rail-bound travelling, incl. cable drum and cruciform base)

Special equipment

  • Cabin
  • Add. ballast
  • Rail carrier
  • Climbing device
  • Undercarriage
  • Cross girder

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Spare parts & Components

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