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Terex Comedil (Zeppelin) CTT 162-8

Model 2015-2016 (Other machines by Terex Comedil (Zeppelin))

Incl. concrete ballast, crane control and spindles with plates (latter not valid with rail-bound travelling, incl. cable drum and cruciform base) If alignment change (2/4) is possible, the loads for quadruple alignment applies. In case of crane on anchor bolt, the anchor is not included in base price.

Technical specs

  • Nominal torque 1845 kNm
  • Tower system TS21
  • Drive system 37 AFC 40
  • Ropes 2/4 2/4
  • Max. load 8 t
  • Reach at max. load 15,01 m
  • Load at max. reach 1,35 t
  • Reach 65 m
  • Hook altitude 61,3 m
  • Connection load 59 kVA

Special equipment

  • Rail carrier
  • Ballast
  • Cabin
  • Cross girder
  • Undercarriage
  • Climbing device

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