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Rockwheel G 40 2017 - 2018 specifications, technical data

Model 2017-2018 (Other machines by Rockwheel)

Basic model incl. milling head

G 40 Rockwheel - Technical specs

Cutter head width 835 mm
Carrying device 30-50 t
Cutter head Ø 684 mm
Drive power 140 kW
Torque output 23.362 kNm
Weight 1662 kg
Oil flow 360 l/min
No. of Blows 749.66 1/min
Impact energy 118 kJ
Total length 943 mm
Operating pressure 180-400 bar

G 40 Rockwheel - Special equipment

  • Transverse cutter head
  • Longitudinal cutter head
  • Rock cutting drum
  • Demolition cutting drum
  • Scaling cutting drum

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