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DEUTZ-FAHR 5680 HTS 1999 - 2004 specifications, technical data

Model 1999-2004 (Other machines by DEUTZ-FAHR)

Modèlle de base automoteur incl. découpage standard is a 0 for the size specification so that means, that no information is available.

5680 HTS DEUTZ-FAHR - Technical specs

Engine power 206 kW
Standard tyres HR 405/70R20 / VR 650/75R32
Threshing system T
Walkers 6
Grain tank size 8500 l
Cutting platform width 7,2 m
Steering HH
Transmission type H
Weight 11.07 t
Transport length 9.24 m
Tranport width 3.29 m
Transport height 3.99 m

5680 HTS DEUTZ-FAHR - Special equipment

  • Cabin
  • Chopper
  • Stone Trap
  • Hillside levelling
  • Chaff spreader
  • Loss Monitor
  • Rollover protection
  • All-wheel drive
  • Aircondition

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DEUTZ-FAHR is the manufacturer of the combine harvester model 5680 HTS. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here.

This combine harvester is built to provide up to 206kW or 276 horse power, delivered from its powerful engine to the 11.07t 5680 HTS machine. The 5680 HTS is categorised in the averagely powerful machine segment in the combine harvesters category. The 5680 HTS’s size is 3.29m x 9.24m x 3.99m.

Since 1999, this model has included Hillside levelling, Stone Trap and Cabin. It has been sold without air Chaff spreader, Loss Monitor and All-wheel drive as of 2004. There are more detailed specifications and machine descriptions available in the original DEUTZ-FAHR 5680 HTS specs data sheet.

The production stopped in 2004, where this 5680 HTS was available at a new list price between €169000 and €215000. For more detailed information about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system.

The most commonly viewed DEUTZ-FAHR models of this type on LECTURA Specs are the C 6205, C 6205 TS and C 7205 TS, and 20 other combine harvesters, which currently range from 118kW up to 290kW are also available. Want more detailed specifications? Download the latest DEUTZ-FAHR 5680 HTS specs data sheet on LECTURA Specs today!

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