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XS 622 E-7 HIPRO Jib 150 X-6 Hiab (2011-2017) Hydraulic loading cranes Spare parts

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Part requests for Hydraulic loading cranes

Hiab 300-4 Jib 90-3 (1996-2009)

I would like to see a reseal kit for the retracting reel for the jib.

Cormach 16400 E 4 A.S.C. (1998-2013)

Hi after the bracket that mounts on the end of the rams and slides up and down in a track please

Cormach 13500 T 3 (1998-2013)

Hello, Hidraulic schem.

Palfinger PK 72002 B (2002-2007)

list parts

Fassi F 310 AXP 25 (2006-2011)

I am trying to find out what filters are on this crane so I can order replacements.

PM 32025 J 63 (2004-2008)

Directional Control Valve

Palfinger PK 10500 (1987-1996)

its a boom extension load valve, which is leaking

Hiab XS 166 E-4 HIDUO (2000-2017)

valve block

Amco Veba 815-3 S (2002-2021)

Amco Veba 933C-8 S (2006-2023)

Lifting cylinder gasket kit

Pesci SPE 560 (2017-2022)

looking for steel section where jibs slide out of as my one has cracked dont have part number . its a spe 560/4

Hiab 102-1 A (1996-2003)

Fäste för manöverspakar

HMF 1444-Z2 (2006-2022)


Heila HLR 65.000 6S (1996-2006)

Looking for the parts book for the Crane

Amco Veba 706-1 S (1996-2008)

Hydraulic lock Block valve

Palfinger PK 2200 A (2005-2008)

Remote control

Fassi F 110 A 22 (1999-2011)

Palfinger PC 1300 A MH (1998-2009)

I have a bent cylinder ram. Cylinder is ok. Would like to replace just ram but if cheap enough I’ll do as an assembly

HMF 1244-Z1 (2006-2017)

complete extension jib inc cylinder

Atlas AK 135.2 E A2 (2010-2023)

extender ram swivel block