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128.5 COPMA 2000 (2012-2018) Hydraulic loading cranes Spare parts

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Part requests for Hydraulic loading cranes

COPMA 2000 500.6 (2002-2018)

Modello 500.6 Serial nr 21833 Max. moment 46570 Class H1-B3 Mass 5780kg Manufacturing year 2003 Max.operating pressur 310 bar Hallo! answer pleas me at e-mail, and i add a photo with part wich i need. Because i can't add it in there. You can contact me also on whatsapp, my number is +37125446306 (LV, RUS, UA, ANG) thank you

HMF 763 K 2 (2001-2006)

Plastični dio za crijeva ili vodilice od crijeva

XCMG SQ10SK3Q (2017-2022)

Please quote for me for clutch plate in winch

HMF 1444-Z2 (2006-2022)


Cormach 13500 T 3 (1998-2013)

Hello, Hidraulic schem.

Hiab 215-3 (1994-1997)

Slewering,piston head

Palfinger PK 32000 F (1995-2001)

UV 397 - 24v GMT- JUN/98 valve

HMF 683 K 4 (1997-2006)


Ferrari® 710 A 3 (1994-2022)


Palfinger PK 9501 A (2000-2008)

Effer 65 3S (2017-2023)

Hydraulic Rotator for Effer hydraulic deck crane Serial No. IE 23224

HMF 683 K 1 (1997-2006)

Hydraulic oil filter

Palfinger PK 16502 HPLS C (2001-2009)

Tegninger med reservedels nummer

Effer 62 2S (2004-2008)

User manual

Amco Veba 706-1 S (1996-2008)


Palfinger PK 12.501 SLD 5 (2017-2022)

Oil return filter, oil tank cover, hydraulic oil hose

Hiab XS 144 E-5 HIDUO (2000-2017)

Hydraulic tank

Palfinger PC 1300 A MH (1998-2009)

I have a bent cylinder ram. Cylinder is ok. Would like to replace just ram but if cheap enough I’ll do as an assembly

Fassi F 40.22 (1991-1997)

Seal kits for curl and extend cylinders

Fassi F 65 B 0.22 active (2016-2021)

Seal kit for stabiliser