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A 30 ST-S 2 Airone (2012-2023) Hydraulic loading cranes Spare parts

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Part requests for Hydraulic loading cranes

Hiab XS 322 E-5 DUO (2006-2020)

Decal Package

PM PM 6 (2017-2023)

stabiliser legs pin

Heila HLRM 280-3SL

Leaks in the giration motor and problems with the brakes

Atlas 190.1 - 8,2/2 (1999-2000)


Hiab XS 122 B-2 DUO (2000-2017)

Leg extension ram

Palfinger PK 9501 C (2000-2008)

Hidraulic arm

Heila HLRM 120-4S

Spare hydraulic hoses and cables

Palfinger PK 24001-K C (2011-2023)

a piece of the hand controller

Palfinger PK 12001 EH D (2008-2017)


Effer 62 2S (2004-2008)


Fassi F 65 B 0.22 active (2016-2021)

Seal kit for stabiliser

Cormach 13500 T 3 (1998-2013)

Hello, Hidraulic schem.

Atlas AK 135.2 E A2 (2010-2023)

extender ram swivel block

HMF 8520-K8 (2010-2017)

Multy coupling system

T-Atlas TLC 85.2 A 2 (2007-2010)

Hydralic filters

Pesci SE85L/1

Hydraulic Jack Assembly

Ferrari® 322 A 3 (2007-2022)

tlakové čidlo zámku hlavního pístu zvedaní

COPMA 2000 210.5 SC (2003-2018)

Hi we are looking for a shut off valve for the leg can you help

Fassi F 250 A 24 (1998-2005)


Fassi F 240 A 23 (2002-2005)

Please quote me 1 no Part No: 220133- Fork and 1 no 220087 pin