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Hitachi Crawler Dumper Spare parts

Enquire thousands spare parts for Hitachi Crawler dumper from dealers worldwide. Get hydraulics, engine parts, filters, sealings and many more parts for Hitachi EG 110 R, EG 30, EG 70 R, EG 70 R 3 Crawler dumper of almost all years of manufacture easily. Save your time and increase chance of locating right part in time at the best price. All of this free of charge!

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Part requests for Crawler Dumper

Messersi TCH 05 (2006-2009)


JCB HTD 5 (2007-2017)

Main engine

Hinowa HS1103 (2014-2018)

I am looking for Hinowa 1103 operators manual and spare parts manual as well. I have recently bought and 1103 at an auction but what to have a copy of the manual and parts manual also. is this something you can offer. I don't have a serial number on the machine but it has a Kubota engine and is 2017 model machine

Morooka MST 400 V (1996-1998)

do you know where i can find a hydraulik pump for the morooka mst 400 thx a lot

Hinowa HS 1100 D (2006-2014)

Metal brackets/clips to keep the lid down where the diesel compartment is

Kubota KC50L (1995-2003)


Messersi CH 2 R 13 D (1995-2009)

Wheels for track. Serial no. A7006540

Kubota KC110HR (2007-2012)

Need a pulley on the drive motor to the tracks

Tanaka TOP 803 G (1993-1994)

- Brake shoes to Tanaka TOP 803. Serial number: 1266 - Wire to clutch, brake and so on. - Part list and document (drawing) - Air filter, diesel filter, oil filter

Hinowa HP 1100 (2003-2005)

loadbucked cilinder L&R

Yanmar C 20 R (1995-1999)

clutch kit and front cab mounts

Messersi CH 2 R 13 (1995-2009)

Door locking mechanism

Hitachi EG 70 R 3 (2008-2013)

MAKE: HITACHI SWAMP CRAWLED DUMPER SPARES MODEL: EG70R-3 SERIAL No: HCM81U00C00030153 Item Description Quantity 1 CAP 1 NR (Part Number: 4361638) 2 SPROCKET 8 NR (Part Number: Y200447) 3 BOLT 25 NR (Part Number: J931645) 4 WASHER 25 NR (Part Number: J222016) 5 RUBBER, SHOE LINK 2 NR (Part Number: Y405884) 6 ADJUSTER ASSY 2 NR (Part Number: 9146427) 7 ROLLER, UPPER ASSY 8 NR (Part Number: Y908517) 8 ROLLER, LOWER ASSY 16 NR (Part Number: Y906083) 9 HOSE 4 NR (Part Number: 4209755) 10 SHAFT 8 NR (Part Number: Y300793) 11 BUSHING 32 NR (Part Number: 4334426) 12 SEAL DUST 16 NR (Part Number: 4117954) 13 NUT 10 NR (Part Number: J950036) 14 O-RING 16 NR (Part Number: 4237801) 15 AIR FILTER ELEMENT 2 NR (Part Number: 4286128) 16 MUFFLER 1 NR (Part Number: Y415285) 17 FILTER OIL 2 NR (Part Number: 4253232) 18 ELEMENT FILTER 2 NR (Part Number: 4129280)

JCB TD 10 SL (2003-2009)

Throttle cable

Yamaguchi WB 1200-3 (1997-2003)

Seal oil AQ2393E 2000 model serialnr 0063

Messersi CH 2 R 13 D (1995-2009)

Cylinder seal kit. Serial nr: A3001170

Messersi tch 07d/av

hydraulic tank filter

Messersi CH 2 R 13 (1995-2009)

Track intermediate wheels, serial no. A 5000139

Yamaguchi WB 05 (2003-2010)


JCB HTD 10 SL (2005-2009)

Throttle cable for 2006 jcb had 10

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