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G 30 NPK (1996-1998) Concrete Pulverizers Spare parts

Enquire spare parts for G 30 NPK Concrete Pulverizers from dealers worldwide. Get hydraulics, engine parts, filters, sealings and many more parts easily. Save your time and increase chance of locating right part in time at the best price. Find G 30 NPK spares easily: fuses and fuse holders, bulbs and lights, starter, ignition and alternator parts, transmission pumps, electric brakes, cables, batteries and more!

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Part requests for Concrete Pulverizers

VTN FP24 (2008-2019)

Hydraulic motor

LaBounty CP 80 (2017-2020)

Tooth and swift lock Seat

LaBounty MHP 350 (2017-2021)

Hydrolic lines from muncher to excavator.

BTi MCP800-IT (2010-2022)

Hydraulic cylinder

Everdigm EHP32  (2010-2018)

MBI RP25 (2002-2005)

rotator motor

Atlas Copco DP 2000 (2007-2018)

Bolt- 3363 0927 37 Tooth plate - 3363 1036 30 Nut - 3363 0876 19 Screw - 3360 4343 50 Tip of tooth - 3363 0699 31 Nut - 3363 0839 65 Tooth plate - 3363 1036 74

VTN FP24 (2008-2024)

Crushing plates with teeth, upper and lower.

Caterpillar P325 (2012-2017)

Main swivel sealing

OSA Demolition Equipment FPV 20 (2019-2022)

Main pin from cylinder to jaw

TREVI BENNE F 18RD (2018-2019)

pin for holding in teeth

O.S.A. FPV 20 (2002-2019)


Hydra Ram HRP-52V (2011-2019)


MBI MCP900 (1996-2002)

Teeth and teeth housing

Krupp CC 4000 P (1996-1997)

Tooth for single jaw side of one CC4000 combi cutter with two cylinders. (part identity number 3002582)

Okada OSC-200HMAV (2017-2020)

I need a cylinder tube for Okada osc200? Do you have it?

Komatsu JHSM 250 (1996-2002)


VTN FP 20.2 (2001-2007)

Spare parts

LaBounty CP 80 (2017-2020)


VTN FP18 (2008-2021)